"I get killed with Orendi all the time and didn't like her at all"


She’s an absolute mistress of area damage. I can’t believe during the beta some people said they weren’t impressed.

Just in case you need an advice on her, here’s what I use:

  1. Shadow pillar with damage-over-time mutation.
  2. Directional nullify.
  3. CC mutations (blind).

And every other mutation that lowers the cooldown timers.

See a pack of mobs, drop a pillar on them, do a jump+nullify over their heads, turn around in the air, drop another pillar, retreat for a few seconds with your usual attacks and start over.

You can also use jump+nullify to get into high places, like the roofs of death trap platforms.

Helix Builder link: http://battlebornforum.com/pages/battleborn-helix-build-editor-orendi/?rows=-1,1,-1,-1,1,1,-1,-1,-1,1,

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I have been using her a lot and she is insane when you get used to cycling her cooldowns. I play pretty much exactly how you suggested and she is devastating. I hit 179K damage last night with her. I have found that taking the helix skill that reduces nullify cooldown when casting shadow pillar is the best. Once you master it you can then turn her into a never ending cycle of DPS casting doom. Also I love lining up a huge group of enemies to get melted by her paradigm shift.

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Orendi is so extremely strong. She may be squishy, but her damage output totally makes up for that.
I have a buddy who plays Orendi, I heal her with Miko. That team is extremely good.

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I just hit 271K on Renegade, it’s crazy. :smiley: All those mobs dropping cooldown reductions and keep spawning at the same spot.

A good Orendi is easily one of the highest damage dealers in the game. She is SUPER.

Late reply to OP but I think DoT is the best choice for PvE while double pillar is better for PvP, imo

Lol. I mastered Rath, Deande, and Thorn, then moved on to Orendi and at first was a little put off by her abilities.

With Rath I would always focus the enemy Battleborn and sometimes hop into the wave to take it out. This didn’t work well as Orendi due to the aforementioned squishy.

As Deande I would focus the buildables and poor lost soul who had the bad fortune of being alone. Didn’t work well as Orendi due to her single target damage output being good but not great.

As Thorn I focused enemy minions and low health enemies trying to make an escape. Did not work well as Orendi because sticking around long enough to clear a wave without backup is dangerous when that squishy. Out of the three this worked best however due to her AOE.

Finally as Orendi, after trying these play styles. I found that I had missed how Gnosis works. Then Orendis play style came into focus. My synopsis will be found in the tldr.

Rath: Focus enemy Battleborn

Deande: Focus enemy buildables + Lone targets

Thorn: Focus enemy minions


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