I give this game two more weeks with the current matchmaking

Hi Gearbox,

You say you care what your customers think.

You made some pretty nice games I really enjoyed, like Borderlands 2 and all the addons for example.

I can understand, that it’s hard to balance a game and it’s a steady process, because no one will ever be happy.

But guys, can’t you understand how ABSOLUTELY important it is not to let premades play against randoms ?

That’s the worst thing you can do, forget balancing, you’re pissing of 90 percent of your customers.

There is no counterargument.

2nd in line with matchmaking, don’t put high level characters against low level characters, it’s not fair because of the available gear and mutations and overall playtime.

If you’d be using the elo right i’ve read of, there would be hard but fair games, at the moment it’s always 100 - 0 or 0 - 100 everything in between was a great game.

There is no more to it, just do it right, it’s so obvious.

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I think you should read the rules (especially the bit about derogatory statements about Gearbox employees.) and then edit your post. Thanks.


I think the same.

It is really sad that a very good game like BB will die because of the matchmaking.

They need to hotfix the premade/random problem asap otherwise such a diamond game will just die in some weeks.

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Eh, playing against premades happens in all games.

I always let out a sigh when I’m playing R6 Siege and I come up against a 5-man Clan team or something. You just know you’re in for a bad time.


So fail matchmaking as well.

and that comes to the point. do you think R6 will be played that much in 4-5 months?

even now the playerbase shrinked to a little.

that is the problem with BB. Great game now question about that. it is the best game i played for a while, but will fail because of the matchmaking. really sad.

and when i say fail i meant it like, there will be a lot of groups playing BB and this game will have a playerbase no doubt about that. But will it be enough to make money with this game or even publish a second BB in a year or two?

I really dont think so, because the casaul gamers like me dont have fun playing this game anymore.

I wish BAttleborn als the best and maybe i am wrong with that, but for now… bye bye battleborn had at least some fun with u.

Any game you go play. You might very well fight a premade. literally any game. LoL, Smite, Halo, CoD, TF2. Battleborn is kind enough to give you the heads up of showing you if your up against a premade. if they took out the orange bars. you’d have no idea you were against a premade unless they had clan tags in their names.

Oh and btw. I am a casual and I think this game is one of the best games that has been released this year. So please don’t go saying “the casual gamers like me.” no. YOU don’t have fun. lots of casuals still are enjoying it like no tomorrow and quite a few of us wind up playing the game together and having a blast even when we lose. cause this is a great game.

I wish you the best in whatever game you go to play however. and just remember. your gonna wind up fighting premades in that game as well. have fun


Right now I spend more time in queue > surrender > repeat than in game.
It’s starting to be boring.

Most moba properly match group of premade. This game doesn’t, and it’s annoying

I face premades pretty consistently, lose, still have a blast. Most fun I’ve had with a game in awhile.

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Make friends ?

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My two cents: People shouldn’t be able to see the opponent’s command rank or if they’re in a premade. A ton of people lose terribly even against non-premades and lower command ranks. The ability to see the aforementioned factors is just contributing to a partially false conception.


All these other games with their amazing match making, …do they have more players available and do they have less options of match making? As it stands, their is:
Story Normal
Story Heliophage
Story Advanced (presumably coming)
Story Heliophage Advanced
DLC additions.

Average player base is about 4-5k right now.
With many of them doing private sessions.

If they made an algorithm to do proper match making, what would that do to the wait time?

How many people here would sacrifice 2-3 times addition wait time for a “proper” match.

I think the system already does a decent job of trying match.
It first tries to bind similar ranks, then if things time out it just fills in with next available. I’ve noticed that in the fastest matchings, we’re closely matched.
The longer it takes, the wider the level spread.

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^ This! Every game has premade matching issues. Either get good or make friends to carry yo ass lol. Try playing on a 400ms+ ping because of match making issues then complain.

In all seriousness premade and skill base match making kills games. Particularly when they have small communities.

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Personally I’d get rid of capture and meltdown to shorten the queue. Then have one and two lane incursion maps. Add an arena mode because from the way most pugs play meltdown like COD that seems to be what they want.

In a nutshell two modes only with more maps = less wait so they can implement more thorough matchmaking.

I’m honestly surprised R6 is even played. I pop it in every now and then but theres literally nothing to the game. The operators and maps are spread to far and thin when you have 343 releasing tons of free stuff and maps every month.

That’s so wrong.
Not everygame has premade issues, you don’t get destroyed in other mobas just because you get matched against a 5 pack, why ? because you DON’T get matched against a 5 pack. Rare situation with this happening usually mean you are with a 4 pack and you already have way more chances of not geting bashed unlike in battleborn.

I don’t play mobas so I wouldn’t know. Lucky this is a hero shooter then hey :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I agree. The stuff should be fixed ASAP until game has reached the point of no return.

I am currently playing the game any time I can because as I feel it, there might be nobody to play it with soon.

Here is the issue and why every game has this issue.

Consider not only 5-man premade teams but of 2, 3, 4. Should a team with 3 people that play together and two randoms be subjected to only face other teams of the same composition? The wait time would be horrendous by this logic. LoL and CoD have this happen all the time and they are kings and have massive playerbases.

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Well this game is as much “hero shooter” as it is a MOBA