I give up, congratulations

Five man pre-teams - that’s the definition of being a jerk, I hate these groups with a passion, you ruin others fun by trying to anger us as much as you can just to lower our moral and make us feal like losers, I have predicted so many loses way before the match got to its point of no return, i can’t stand you groups, what is it your trying to prove, your good at beating the weak? I generally think the weak get stronger and the stronger get weaker, however, it’s wrong yet I still believe it. It seems like every time I’m not ghalt or Montana, I lose, I still lose as those guys but not much. I can’t stand it, I’m pretty sure a lot of you don’t care about this and just gonna insult me in the comments saying. “Get good” or “maybe it’s because you suck”.

How is it fun not being challenged? Why do I even bother fighting back? I just end up getting beating up and it keeps reminding me of how much I suck, so… I give up. I will not fight back, I will not retreat, beat me up as much as you want even though it’s YOU who broke my spirit of this game, I don’t care anymore. I love this game, love it to death, better then overwatch by a long shot and I will still play it, congratulations pre-made teams, you’ve accomplished your mission of making me back down.


I don’t play PvP but got suckered into a match tonight with this exact feeling.
There was nothing but trap and bait to instant death with a lot of mumbling.
From now on; no PvP, just Bots, OPS and Story.


Thanks for agreeing .

You have to realize that this game was meant to be played with teams. Most pre mades don’t want to just stomp noobs. I used to feel the same as you but then I started talking to these evil pre made teams. Guess what? Most are very nice and just enjoy playing the game with there friends. My friends list is now filled with Battleborn players. After playing the past couple of months with teams, this game got %1000 more fun. Playing against equally skilled teams are the matches I look forward too most. Start talking with people, learn new things, teach others.


As a person who plays almost exclusively with 4 good friends, I do sympathize with those who play solo or, even if in a group, are just newer and less experienced in general.

We sadly make very little effort to “go easy” on newer people in between matches when we face other people we know are at our skill / experience level, aside from choosing characters we may not be as familiar with.

We don’t do it to be mean or drive people away; we are just having fun, and, especially against less experienced people, we are generally just playing on autopilot while we talk / laugh / chat / shoot the breeze / tell jokes / act silly.

We do not hardcore coordinate our CCs and call out every single target we select; we just happen to have 3-4 thousand in game hours of gameplay between us and we have all OURSELVES been stomped SAVAGELY soooo many times that we honestly feel relieved to be the stompers, rather than the stompees.

I personally got brutally, badly beaten more often than not my first couple months playing Battleborn, but I just loved the game soooo much that I was willing to practice as much as needed / make friends to group up with so I could get better and start WINNING.


Pc, xb1 or ps4?

You can always try to find friends. The amount of toxic players are small, like rly small (even for a small community like ours).

Just send msgs to ppl, thats how i got my first team. I saw a rly rly good rath and told her how cool she was. After that i got invited to parties rly often.

Many players here know i like to play solo 80% of my time, im trying to balance the mm a bit going alone. Even if i get stomped i enjoy the game and try to just stay alive and complete the objectives.

Play with a team can spoil you a lot.

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Maybe it’s just me getting sick and tired of losing most of the time and being able to predict when the team I’m on is going to lose, I’m always with a buddy, just the two of us and three other people against an unknown enemy. I have a problem holding in anger, but I mostly blame myself for my faults, guess that’s just a bad trait I have, I can accept defeat, but not when it’s an unfair defeat.

Oh yes it REALLY REALLY can.

Also because all my battleborn friends are rarely ever on.


Fair point and I totally sympathize.

But how do you define “fair” and “unfair”?

Should us experienced folks be made to feel ashamed or guilty for putting in the time / practice to get as (relatively) good as we are?


In that situation, just hold yourself. Try the fk everyone exept my friend because i trust him; what i mean with that is: do not die.

Ditch the other randoms and try to save your friend.

Example: i play with @lequizachris if im alani i try to keep his hp and mine full then everyone else, if he is in trouble ill dive to save him and get out.

Why i dont do that with randoms?

Example: I used my slam staff attack with ambra to save an orendi from montans, instead of retreat she decided to keep attacking montana… I tried to heal us but montana ignored the stupid orendi and focused my big head.

We had 1 second to run and save ourselves but he/she/it decided to stay instead of back up.


Ahh, and by unfair I mean when the opposite team doesn’t give us a fighting chance, I know it stills makes no since but that’s how I put it.

I know what you mean!

Thats up to you and your team.

The only unfair composition is the stuning meta. Any other composition can be countered.

Could you save and upload a vid of any of ur games? We can help you to prove youe gaming.

not really, I don’t record gameplay or anything for that matter. Sorry, that’s just the kind of person I am.

Are you on pc? We have a chat on ps4 to find a team :slight_smile:

I’m on PS4, first console ever got was a ps2

@FlamesForAll can invite you if you dont mind pm him your psn .

You can also add me if you want

Go ahead, it’s noobman600, right now I’m tired and need some sleep, I also don’t use a mic, just waring y’all about that.

I certainly do sympathise with this, though I’d say that it’s also skewered as it seems to be founded more in emotion rather than reason.

Just a couple of things I’d like to touch upon;

First thing is that there are large differences between pre-mades, in their attitudes and skill range. Most of the pre-mades that I’ve been in will usually pick characters they like rather than coming up with the perfect team comp. The main point of interest when thinking about a comp is that we have at least one healer, not too much else.

On the other hand, other pre-mades I’ve played with (which I haven’t enjoyed nearly as much) goes in thinking about team comp straight away with a guy or two virtually dictating which characters everyone plays, or at least setups the frame of which characters they can choose. We went up against a lower level team and their way of “showing mercy” was to make a team comp without a healer, but naturally it still became a complete stomp.

I do certainly wish a lot more high leveled players would not farm/chase kills as hard. It’s tiresome to see high levels get 15+ kills against low levels and then coming up with excuses such as “But they were trying to kill me.”, “They started it.”, “It’s not my fault matchmaking put them up against us.” etc. While I can certainly get greedy at times, I usually try to let them get away. If they retreat, I don’t chase them. Instead of looking for players to kill, I go for buildables/shards and just simply stand around until the next wave comes. There are multiple things you can do to not farm for kills, and I really think The Pacifist challenge should be a thing in Battleborn (Win a game without killing any enemy Battleborn) as that’s arguably harder as well than something like Worthy of Song for instance.

Another thing is that it’s not all about full pre-mades. An example would be when I was playing with @Ashbweh I few weeks ago. Just the two of us were in a pre-made and neither of us were on mic with each other at that point. We go up against a relatively good (skill-wise) old friend of mine in Paradise and our 5th teammate leaves us fairly early on. We struggled at the start but pulled back and it ended in the opposing team surrendering. After the match Ash got into a convversation with my friend who said that he knew the were going to lose before the match even started when he saw me and Ash on the other team. In the same sense, one of their teammates went on in-game mic and started getting really aggravated to say the least.

Here’s the game I’m reffering to;

I typically have solo queued quite a lot myself and it’s not always possible to tell if they’re a pre-made, it often feels like the scapegoat when you’re losing. I usually try to be keen on what my team is doing and try to synergise with them even though I’m in a full team of random players. Every once in a while you get thise which really click and your team is playing as if though you’re in a pre-made.

I certainly understand the frustrations of certain pre-mades, how their chasing kills, always playing seriously, playing with the same people over and over again and virtually never alone etc. But I think it’d be wrong to demonise everyone who plays in a pre-made as a lot pre-mades are not (greatly) contributing to these problems to an higher extent which only those who play in 2-3 player premades.