I give up. Crawmerax might as well be Actually Invincible

I mean, I can deal damage to him just fine. I’m playing Mordy as Gunslinger with a good Jakobs masher. Shouldn’t be an issue, right?

It wouldn’t be, if it weren’t for the constant crab worms and craw worms and craw maggots.

You can’t kill them except with whatever they’re weak to. And if you fail to kill them the instant you spot them, they will down you in one shot. By the time you deal with an armored worm, you have a fraction of a second to identify the bastard trying to eat your face, switch to the right gun, and then kill it.

I don’t understand how the fight is possible at all.

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If it weren’t for the minions, Crawmerax would be a push over.

First and foremost though, what shield are you using? Keeping your shield up is more important than you’d think. A quick recharge is ideal in my opinion especially with the constant bombardment from the minions.

Health. Keep that up too. Are you using Out For Blood? Strategically?
The small things add up and can save your/cute Mordys butt.

How are you dealing with the minions? Just killing them as you see them? Only when needed?
I find the best way (your mileage may vary) is to take out all greens and maggots until you are left with only purples. They are slow and won’t be ambushing you like the other 2. Leaving you ample time to take your shots at Craw.


It’s about learning crowd management. Take out the maggots immediately, and jump when they get close to you. Usually they will knock you back and give a little distance. They are priority, then take out the green crabs. Basically, if you can’t take Craw out in ten seconds (can be done with a masher and craw showing his back), then you want to get it so there are only purple crabs on the field. Then dodge them and work down Craw. With a good masher, each spot should only take 2-3 shots max. With a Ranger COM, you can 1 shot the spots when gun crazy triggers.

To add to @Kitty_Jo, if you spec out for blood, keep Bloodwing on the explosive element. This way he always returns health, no matter what enemy is hit. A ranger COM can make BW’s cool down super short too. Good Luck

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I’ve been trying to take out all the minions as soon as I see them.

Even with the speed upgrade, Bloodwing feels too slow for OFB to work well, and it requires micromanagement that I can’t deal with when I’m stressed out with all the friggen worms.

my shield choices are mainly a 1400~/350~ quick health regen shield or a 2200/300 or so shield with slow health regen.

Do “Super Fast recharge” shields have a lower delay?


I don’t think I’m cut out for craw killing. I’m going to go back to the armory.

I’ll give it a couple more shots.

EDIT: Nope. Gave it a couple more shots. Tried to take out the non-purple things ASAP, just got rushed down by Craw. Managed to get it to where there was only purple things, but they spawned on top of me and killed me.

I’m done. I’m just. I’m done. I will never be a good BL player. I’m too stupid to use OFB for heals because my brain is defective.

Don’t feel bad, some of us still need to “cheat” a little from time to time to beat him ~cough~myself&usingtheledge~cough~


The ledge is fair game to me lol. I just want the damn thing dead. I’m not picky how it gets that way lol. :ghost:

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Dont give up, friendo! And this has nothing to do with being a good Borderlands player. You just need to find the right set up and strategy combination that works for you. And that can take a while. This is a fight that requires patience. And dying. Its going to sound weird, but dying helps you learn.

You mentioned you tried to take out all non-purples but Craw caught you. To me it sounds like you need to run more.
Dont try to replicate what other people do. Taking on Craw or minions face to face in close quarters. That is not what you should be trying to do. I advise you to run. A lot. Turn and shoot. Run. Ect ect.

Out For Blood does require some managment, but it is literally a life saver when you get it down.
What playthrough are you in by the way? He is ever so slightly easier in pt1.

I do hope you dont give up. This fight is super frustrating at first. But tbe day you beat him will be one of the best feelings.


Don’t give up! It is an acquired skill for sure, and felt impossible for all of us at the beginning.

If you aren’t using the pillar and arch already, do so…especially the arch. Try to keep it between you and Craw while you work on the mean minions.

Yes, the “super fast recharge” Anshin shields are best for this. They have a much shorter delay…down near 2 seconds for the best ones. But, keeping health up is more important. Bloodwing on explosive, with OFB will help, usually giving full healing depending on what color worm he hits. Transfusion grenades will help a little bit too…and all other types are worthless in this fight so you might as well use them.

Whichever platform you’re playing on, memorize which numbers/dpad buttons your weapons are assigned to, so you can always switch to the right weapon immediately. Which weapons are you using for the minions, by the way?

You will get the hang of it.

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I’ve got an Orion, a Hellfire and a VERY good Defiler. I’ve got a 405 damage Jakobs masher with about 85 accuracy, so dealing damage to Craw is not the problem.

I understand that Maliwan or maybe Dahl repeaters, or even elemental machine pistols, might be better than my orion? If not, I’ll still be looking to find a strong shock/fire revolver, probably an anaconda.

I was pretty much just as bad as you if not worse. When I started man. It just takes some time. But yes it is extreamly frustrating when you first start. Mordy is cool and all but he is a glass cannon.

As I said, I’ve given up. Dying that much just puts me in a depressive spiral and it’s not fun.

Understandable. Sometimes breaks are needed. Perhaps you will return sometime soon all refueled :smile_cat:

You’re good with Defiler and Hellfire for sure. You could use a fire revolver, but I probably wouldn’t. I would definitely look for a Maliwan shock revolver over the orion, especially if the hipfire accuracy is hurting you.

I did get a shock revolver, AX10 C barrel2 Lightning Law, 848/91/1.9/2 shot mag. Takes out the maggots a little better than the Orion.

I just gave it a few more tries, but…ugh. I can barely touch craw before even big purple worms get on me. And how can those maggots be THAT fast?

Maggots are bastards. Plain and simple. Some people actually prefer having them over the green and purple worms. I can’t even…


Cramerax is tough as nails, but you will get it.

I read a lot of great advice here and do whatever you have to do stay sane.

The second you DO beat him, you will do it again and look back and wonder why it was so hard the first…thousand times. :slight_smile:

With old mord the best thing to do in my opinion as said above is minion management. I always had my shock weapon out and looked slightly left as you first pop up too. If maggot or green crab spawns to the left take out immediately and if purple crab ignore and head right and deal with whatever is in your way to the right of the arch pillars… I always used an Orion because you can hip fire to stall maggots at a distance and I don’t try for criticals always at the ground just in front of them. I was in your same frame of mind for days a few years back. I had almost given up but started to practice surviving before adding craw to the firing line. Forget craw for now even though he is just wanting a taste of that masher of yours. Once you get better at the minions start slowly adding in a few jabs at craw daddy as you round the pillar to the right. Due to the minions it’s not an exact science for anyone every run. After many runs with Mord I still took one to the chops often but like stated above that first legit kill with him will be super satisfying. And there’s nothing wrong with taking a break if you get frustrated just be sure to go back and give it at least one try on the way to the armory everyday which is what I use to do. Good luck my friend.

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P.S. Don’t forget that BL has health kits and if you are solo and go into your backpack all action stops while your in there. And while your in there unequip weapons and equip back will have all weopons reloaded. Every little bit helps as you first start out building your technique. I also ended up turning up my control sensitivity so you can whip around faster. Takes a bit to get used to but it makes a huge difference if you have default sensitivity.

I like to get the minions down to a splinter of health without killing them…second-wind fodder while you concentrate on Craw’s purple bits :wink:

Step 1: Play as Lilith or Brick
Step 2: If playing as Brick activate movement speeds glitch (the Car one, not the FFYL/Inventory one) go to step 4. If Lilith go to step 3
Step 3: Whenever you get low on health Phssewalk behind a piller and recharge.
Step 4: Run laps around the map shooting him, if you did the speed glitch almost nothing will hit you.

Beating Craw solo as Mordecai or Roland (or unglitched Brick) is extremly challenging, don’t feel bad, a very small % of players have done it legit.

I like to keep near the Archway rock, you can move around it keeping cover between you and his spit/nova.