I give up, handsome collection, golden keys, goty

I’ve searched on here and Google ans I give up

I recently bought borderlands goty on Xbox one and I also have a saved file for the handsome collection specifically borderlands 2 and i started a siren character to see if I could get the codes in goty however I didn’t. So I reinstalled borderlands 2 and my account {redacted} is linked to both my borderlands goty remaster and borderlands 2 account on my Xbox one however I’m not receiving any of my 75 golden keys.

How am I to get the.loyalty regards with my keys?

Moved you to the right spot (and removed your email address - don’t need to see that on the forums!)

Instructions for getting the loyalty rewards are here:

Note that:

  • You have to have your XBL GT linked to your shift account
  • You will only get the weapons on a new character
  • Best way to check if you have the 75 keys is to go up to the chest
  • You have to have the GOTY on the same platform as the first one linked to your shift account on which you played BL2.

That last one means that if, for example, you’d first played BL2 on PS or PC and linked that to your SHIFT account, you wouldn’t be able to get the loyalty rewards on XBox.

If you meet all the relevant criteria and still don’t get the keys or weapons, you can try filing a support ticket - there’s a link for that on the same site as the instructions I posted.

I have the gamertag linked
I created a new character just to be safe
Still don’t have the keys at the box
I have the goty on the same Xbox as borderlands 2

Really not sure then. I have Handsome Collection on XB1 (and had BL2 and TPS separately on 360 before that). I did click on the game Extras > SHIFT menu options before starting any sessions - don’t know if that makes a difference.

When you first launched BL1 GOTY R, did you get a “Terms and Conditions” to scroll through/accept?

Yeah I did and I accepted it but I realized I had it on my old Xbox one and not the current one i have. So I had to redownload the handsome collection on this one.

Should I delete the save file for goty and redo everything? I only have my siren at level 8 so it’s not like I’m losing much anyways

That shouldn’t have been a problem if it’s the same profile and you’d had your account linked to shift on the old one when you were playing BL2? Don’t know for sure though - the system is a bit opaque.

You could try? Not sure if it would work or not tbh.

I did just to see considering I didn’t get very far anyways on purpose just in case so I’ll update when I find out

I still haven’t been able to get my golden keys… again not the end of the world but some loyalty rewards you all going for you…

I’m having this same problem on PS4. Have a save file for PS & BL2, but I have no keys. Signed into shift. Shift website says I haven’t played BL2 but I am literally on it as I type this.