I give up, I need help

I have attempted MUTIPLE times to beat The Heliophage .
I’ve tried it by myself, 2 , 3, 4, and 5 players. I am so sick of this mission it has me fuming! So, if anyone would like to help me unlock Deande…id greatly appreciate it!
I keep dying right before I get to Rendain at the end.
Stupid Verseli knocking me off the edge. I’m over it. :triumph::triumph:
I’m in Xbox one - GT catisalive , feel free to add me!

The best possible team is a solid group of 3 people with some good damage dealers. almost got it down in a group of 2 us but died half way through the boss as the enemy spawns or were they run off too can really change the outcome of the match. All i can say id keep trying. if you need one more person or want to give it a try send me a message Accursius13

I’ve done it solo on advanced, i wouldnt mind helping if you had a ps4… the best advice i can give if you don’t find people to help you is use oscar mike. He has great damage, use ur stealth to take a breather from mobs and even the boss as they will not aggro and just walk around until you become visible again. Mike has great damage, and can survive well, get his orbital strike and flame he does insane single target damage. and best part is you don’t have to worry about being knocked off platforms at the end cause you can just leave the center and go to a more edged one.


I also get knocked off other places but I considered using him but I have yet to play as a ranged character. Maybe I’ll play through the story again as Oscar mike and give him a whirl. It’s not super difficult with Rath on solo but everything you have to be up close and person with them to do a lot of damage.

Did it solo with Boldur.

Yea rath was the first person that came to mind for advanced but constantly pushed off edges by both him and the minibosses is extremely aggravating. Maybe Deande could be good as melee or shayne N Aurox since she can also stealth and be ranged and melee

I finished with Rath and Galilea both times I solo’d, since both have forms of health regen. It was easier with Gal, once you get the augment that shoots projectiles. That, and attack dmg/ speed gear.

Otherwise, Oscar Mike and Thorn would be the easiest shooters to use in my opinion.

I solo’d with Orendi spamming Shadow Fire Pillars EVERYWHERE and utilizing the blinding helix option for nullify to give me a break from their attacks, especially the bigger thralls.

Try to clear each island at a time, and if things get too hairy just jump to another island, there are jump pads all over the place.


My brother and I finished this the other day after three failed attempts. He was trying Marquis, and he’s not bad with him, but the sheer numbers and swarms meant we kept running out of time at the crystal phase. So he switched it up to Galilea and we decimated it. The knock back and huge open areas all over all the maps made the mission a pain, but we finished with a silver. The DoT was what helped. And being that his character could demolish hordes of weaker enemies, we didn’t have much trouble. I just wish there was a way to kill those spinning blades so they’d stop knocking you around. The fight itself isn’t that tough, it’s just the knock-back.

Yeah. The Heliophage is pretty difficult. However, if you use a ranged character like Thorn, use health stacking items, and kite like crazy, it can be done. In fact, I recently solo’d it on Advanced using Thorn. I had an item that increased my shield, so at least I had a little shield protecting my health bar. Before I got to Rendain and his bosses, I tried going a bit ham just so that I could make it to the bosses in time. I didn’t die too much, but it was certainly difficult. (FYI, always go to the residential shard first. The temple shard will overwhelm any level 1 or 2 Battleborn) When I got to Rendain, I didn’t try to go far. When I got his shield down, and the bosses came out, I took my sweet time. I picked off the Thralls one by one, and slowly but surely, the platforms where pretty safe. At that point, I was just Blighting the bosses and taking an eight of their healthbar with one ability. When Rendain finally came back, I employed the same strategy. It took me forty minutes just to beat the bosses and Rendain, but I finally did it and I got Deande.

So it’s easier solo then? I’ve also tried multiple times with different pub squads to no avail. Got rendain down to half the last try and then failed was really disheartening. I hate after you respawn they shoot you right to the middle island to get slammed by enemies, kinda dumb imo.
My Oscar mike is lvl 12 so I have all his mutations his invis sounds like a good oh crap button I’ll give him a shot I guess

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I’d say all the missions are easier solo than in a full team, simply if you aren’t playing with a premade team, and one person is slacking or doesn’t know what they are doing it makes it incredibly more difficult for everyone else. Or if 5 people all pick a similar type of character it can get insanely difficult if that role is weak for that given mission for example 5 assassins being used on the algorithm can be really really hard especially against the frozen emperor and Isic

Yo the general rule for that fight is DONT FIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. Go to one of the outer islands and keep your back to the wall and you won’t be knocked off. Every boss will move to you unless they need a gimmick done so don’t go to the middle to die


We beat him w8th 3 players fighting in the middle. We used all of our 13 lives to do it.

Only tried it once. Next time will try this, hit and run around the middle.

I found adv helio wasnt to bad with thorn her aoe helps keep ads at bay and hes pretty nimble. I only died a few times on rendans last part with all the adds, just focus on him and try to say on a side platform.

There are a few battleborn that can manage it solo. For the timed part, run. Run through everything until you are forced to stop to continue (there are a couple spots where you have to stop and fight to continue on). Try to hit chests along the way, but don’t focus on them. If you are lucky, the RNG will give you a few extra lives to work with.

Once you get to the rendain fight, the first part isn’t bad, just take his shield down. The second part will spawn multiple waves of two bosses at a time. When it gets to this part, take your time. You will want to pick off the mobs that surround you while keeping away from the bosses. Try to separate the bosses if you can, and fight somewhere where your back is against a wall in case of knockback.

Move around from island to island if you keep getting overwhelmed.

Some of this is luck of the draw too for who spawns, so this could be harder or easier depending on your luck.

I’ve done this with Galilea and by sheer luck, Rath

I think I took over an hour each time, but I took the last fight slowly and methodically.

Galilea was the easiest to do this with for me with a loadout of Damage with a sub of shield capacity, Regen with a sub of damage, and a blue shield capacity. Using Desecrate for healing and extra damage, and to keep the projectiles going when needed. The knock back is an extra pain on advanced, so the back to the wall thing really helps. I still died about 5 times with her, but accumulated about 12 free lives through the playthrough so I could throw bodies at him when I got frustrated.

No matter what the loadout, you will want someone who can take some damage and has decent healing of some sort.

Good luck on the fight, It’s hard, but it should be. By the same token, it is very damn satisfying to beat.

I’m aware of this, I’m still getting smacked off playing as Rath though, I tried it with Oscar mike with someone from here and we got Rendain to half health. I think Oscar Mike will be my character to beat it honestly.

We did it with miko, isic, rath, and Oscar mike and it worked out well. Oscars hub was not to die and make sure to stealth for anyone who did, and clear minions. Rath cleared minions and attacked bosses when they got close to us. Miko was miko. And I was isic and turret mode whenever a boss was damageable doing all the damage I could. Rath and om keeping minions off the slow turret isic helped a lot. It took about an hour to finish and still had 8 lives left.

The game prior we had a gali who ran into the middle to fight and died and wasted all our lives till we were a player down and no lives left. Running 5 man with a man down we had no chance so we kicked the gali and tried again with 4 and it was so easy in comparison

I’ll help! I’ve been trying to get it done! Add lordfarqwaaad!

I’ve done it solo with Oscar Mike and once with El Dragon. Keeping your back to the high spots on the map is key. I died a few times, but mainly in the beginning since he is so squishy at early levels.

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