I got 2 questions

1.) Is a lvl 50 loaded dice artifact more effective than say a lvl 35 loaded dice ?

2.) Is it more effective to be online or offline when farming the gold chest ?


  1. doesn’t matter but if they both have an additional “luck” stat, the higher level one will give you more

  2. doesn’t matter anymore


The loaded dice artifact does not work. Don’t bother using it. Go check out zKarma on youtube - he does math explanation and experimentation videos for Borderlands 3.

He did an entire video about the Loaded Dice, and his conclusion was that there is no noticeable statistical difference in loot drops when using it or not.

Here is the video, actually.

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Thats interesting. Thank you very much.

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Online for opening golden chests as your going to get more/better annoited gear

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I’ve never got an annointed item from the gold chest, but I just now beat the campaign and started ‘mayhem mode 1’

Higher Mayhem Modes will increase your chances of anointed items. On MM10, every item that drops is guaranteed to be anointed. This also applies to chests: every item in a chest will always be anointed on MM10.

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Can you use mayhem lvl 10 weapons on mayhem lvl 1 and vice versa ? I just mean can I set it on mayhem 10 farm the gold chest and go play mayhem 2 with those weapons ?

Yes you can.