I got a few questions about the converting process from hw2 to hwrm

Okay despite the fact that i cannot play HWRM or the classics that came with it at this present. I am curious as what is gonna be required to port mods over from HW 2 into HWRM. Now as many may know my mod Homeworld Universe has 22 races in it and over 500 ships plus over 300 subsystems in it alone. So that means i got thousands upon thousands of textures to get ahold of and convert. Now will there be any issues if i convert the textures i got right now that has the team colors built into the texture itself when i change it from DDS to tga, or do i need get ahold of the original source material and go from there to TGA cause i will be able to get my hands on all the stuff i need, gonna take weeks to do all this cause like most i work during the week and i used to be able to finish a full team worth of textures in the span of a night, before i got started working again. And then with regards to team colors them selves i take it is handled differently than hw 2 yes? IT will be a few month before i get a PC that can run HWRM well enough due to stuff i got dragged into but nuff about that. Will most scripts still work for HWRM cause its basically just a eye candy mod for hw 2 after all. I got quite a few to go through so i was just wondering. Oh and the thread that was started over on the old gearbox forums i cannot find anymore, i believe one of the GBX admins started a thread about TOOls or something and i cannot find it.

I was able to port almost all of warlords in one day, it is roughly the same problem you have.

The quick fixes, don’t move the UI folder, the AI folder, and the gametype files (especially if they have custom scripting) you will have to heavily modify those starting from the new files

in scripts/ you will need the new races.lua and probably family list and edit those starting with the new files.

in ship files comment out all of the spawnsalvage lines or add ,0,0,0 as the 3rd numeric value (there is a post on the boards here about that

for the most part everything else works, the biggest hassle I had was the AI (still is) all the ships worked except for a few random ones that I just disabled and all of the weapon, Art, sounds and such worked fine.

Now getting the new art pipeline and rerigging ships? that is going to take time to get straightened out. Badges and team/stripes seem to need some serious work to get back in.,