I got a lot of Class Mods I need to mail away

Been hoarding a lot of Class Mods including DLC ones (but not Takedown ones). I’m not sure what I want other than certain Ion Cannon but otherwise I need to empty my bank space a bit

Let me know what CM you want and if you need anything roll on it like skill points or other thing like weapon damage, etc

Red Fang with torque weapon damage, fire rate, and reload would be epic…

Anything like a Jacobs God Roll but with a totally different weapon manufacturer.

I need to something different I’m bored…

Also one that favoured a Redistributor would be great.

Looking for a mind sweeper to pair with kybs, grenade. So splash dmg, mag size, grenade dmg. Something along those lines.

Anything you are after ion cannon wise?

I have an Ion Cannon, I don’t know if it’s the one you want but willing to part with it if you have the Seein Dead CM for Zane that has only +5 to Donny Brook.

If interested my PSN is Nets4life22

@davidmorganbray I check my Red Fang CM and on my mules. Either rng hates me or something but none comes with anything Torque related. Sorry about that.

@jordan_cole20 I come across something that has this. Not sure if more nade cap and Torque helps.

  • +5 Grenade Cap
  • +10% Torque Weapon Damage

Let me know if that’s good enough and want it. Going put it in my inventory in case I’m not in Sanctuary

@perrypadovano I have none on +5. The best I have is one on +3. Unsure if that’s good enough. Just in case I’ll put it in my inventory since I’m leaving from Sanctuary any moment

I don’t think that’s one I’ll need.
But what ion cannon do you need? I’ve got several, can look em over and just send you one if it fits your needs

x2 damage multiplier with weapon card listed near +505 weapon damage. Radiation or Cyro I mostly need

Show me your Bear mods man. Im on the way up and have nothing to trade but the future is bright.

Psn: Kalthor223

Not looking to trade and best damaging Ion Cannons I sorta would like but am going mail some CM I have away.

I check my CM mule and if you really want like Iron Bear to pilot then I have this below

#1: Bear Trooper: SSB +3 & EP +2

You want that?