I got a norfleet!

Farming hyperius the invincible after 2 attempts he dropped a slag norfleet along with a nice shield (forgot what it’s called but it generates health when active) not gonna lie though, bore is an amazing skill. I can’t believe they never patched half the exploits in this game. Same goes for pyro pete the invincible, badassasaurus, the leviathan ect. It’s cool that there’s an easier way to actually be able to solo these bosses and what not but you would think an exploit like bore and such would’ve been fixed. I also got a shock curve ball from a burner biker lol… still have barely played the pre sequel Bl2 is still so much fun.

Congrats! He’s never, ever dropped one for me. Lord RNG has blessed you.

Fastball you mean…the red text says “forget the curveball ricky give him the heater”

Congrats, man. And yes, Bore is an amazing skill:

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