I got a Pearlescent from a trash pile

A Storm popped up when I destroyed a trash pile in the Dust. Best part is… I got it recorded. I was streaming at the time and I actually have the Pearl spawning on screen.
highlight on Twitch

I lost my mind as soon as I saw it but I wasn’t sure if an enemy dropped it or if it came from the trash pile. You can imagine my excitement when I watched the VOD…


That is really impressive, to be honest. I mean, I’ve gotten a Baby Maker from a dumpster before, but that is much more impressive, with it being a pearlescent.

Edity crap because reasons. Ignore this.

The value of guns just aren’t the same anymore…

I’ve got a Logan’s Gun and a Hellfire from trash piles. Also, I’ve noticed that the Storm is the most frequent pearl drop, at least in my case.

Still impressive getting a pearl from a trash pile…

Nice score.

Same with the Storm being the most frequent, I’ve gotten a Storm world drop from the Warrior some time ago

Aaaaaaand it’s a Storm. Still, pretty awesome find nonetheless. Random Pearlescents still have a ridiculously low chance after all.

haha very nice find

I came here expecting a comment regarding you and your “luck” with the Storm, t’was not disappointed.
On topic, that is a very nice drop, very lucky of you indeed.

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Now that is a drop to be impressed with. Never have I seen a Pearl drop from a trash pile though I’ve only been playing OP8 for a couple of days. Congrats!

Whichever bandit threw that away was an idiot. Nice find but IMO it isn’t quite as good as finding a LLM in a stalker goo pile in WEP but considering your’s was a weapon it was indeed a very nice and surprising find.

Sorry but Loot Midgets are pretty common in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, even in trash piles :confused:

WEP yes, if in a certain room full of cardboard boxes with a certain mission and bonus objectives not done.

not only “if”, WEP, Opportunity and Thousand Cuts are known to have a higher rate of Loot Midgets, regardless of missions. I’ve gotten Loot Midgets in trash piles and even got Jimmy Jenkins once

I’ve seen LLMs pop out from stalker pods at WEP.

Yah, I notice that when K shouts one of his badass lines (REAAAAAAAALY???)

Well I’ve rarely ever had them pop up anywhere so YMMV a little I guess, let’s just say I’ve had more pearls drop than LLMs excluding that one room and mission.

It’s a little blurry, but I was running through TTAoDK and I destroyed a pile and got this!


I’ve found the stalker pearl pistol in the weird green smelly thing next to the gas container (in Dr. Mercy’s place) at 1st I dint know what it was (it was before I knew about pearls) so pretty much any where you can find leg. and pearls

I got my storm from a trash pile also… or maybe i killed a tubby i didn’t see, it was a while ago, but I’m pretty sure it was from a trash pile. I’ve been using it just because of the luck.

Got a stoic emperor op2 from a marauder behind ellies garage with two legendary cats of tubbys in same run, still can’t get a legendary siren op level from anywhere :frowning: