I got a seraph through my first weapons box?


Is this supposed to happen?

Basically yeah they aren’t uncommon,also they aren’t Seraphs,they’re glitched weapons

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Yeah they look Seraph, and are positioned above Legendaries, but they aren’t I suppose? And yeah! I got one too from the first box you open in it, a glitched pistol.

I found a glitched vladdoff assault rifle in my first box (I think the mission mentions giving you a gun or something so you can get started).
Later I found a glitched SMG. That one sometimes seems to turn into some kind of explosive shotgun with 0 spread. Real killer. And it has a freeze effect. Maybe not all the time. Unsure. It’s a crazy gun and I’m using claptrap, so there’s craziness there too.

And, when trying to restore a data stream I killed something that reminded me of an armored skag and I found a legendary assault rifile! That’s my loot from it so far. Level 32 clappy. Just finished the first chapter of the DLC.

I have to admit I thought the glitched guns were going to be sketch at first but I’m really starting to like them…a lot

Yeah I like them for the most part. I had three pistols and a sniper, but then grinded 2 pistols and the sniper and got a glitched shotgun! Not the best, but it’s pretty cool.

I got a glitched SMG (dahl) from the first mission box and its insane. Sometimes itll turn red and fir a single shot almost like a shotgun at high damage and other times it turns gold fires fully auto and has like a 50% or more chance not to cost ammo. I fired 1 clip (49 rounds) for darn near a min straight

Hmmm!? Can you farm that box?

I think because its tied to mission dialogue no. I went back and it was gone.

I went back and tried with a new PT as the Doppleganger and it worked.

I found as long as you save & quit after Clappy gives you the box and reload the game you’ll get the same progress through the storyline.

Clappy will be back where he was (after Admin Password) and will take you through the quarantine area and give you the box again. I got a few so-so Tediore items and was able to grind a glitched Vladof AR that I like much better. I don’t think you can go back later if you move forward and follow Clappy’s instructions further through the story.