I got a Thinking about kelvin

anyone try to take the following gear for kelvin :
kelvin must chose the 2rd helix augments F & 4th helix augments F & 5th helix augments Q. so kelvin could use E skill to full the shield, and explosion deal 140 hit.

its useful !!!

You are sacrificing a lot of survivability for 140 damage every 5 seconds.

2 melee attacks do more than that.

I feel Kelvin would have to retreat sooner with that set-up which it turn is lowering his total damage output.

Come back king doesn’t do anything for Kelvin until he reaches lvl 5. That’s a fairly good chunk of time spent just getting the build to do anything.


I hard to Charged 160 shield, so I know kelvin have max 300 shield ,but hard to full of. and,if you can full of 300 shield, the legendry is useful too.
I think

Lowering Kelvins max shield doesn’t make permafrost fill Kelvins shield any better. Permafrosts values are based off a percentage of Kelvins max shield. Only shield snacker will fill his shield all the way.or Kelvins legendary at higher levels.