I got farming phobia from borderlands 3

since the dlc dropped i spend few hours to farm , im so worry about when the next level cap will drop , are there any doctors here to cure my sickness?

I been wondering what my lack of urge to play, and you have given me 1 reason thanks hk.spm123
plus all the rest, farm for a item only to get an anointed for another character and not that great.
If I had known this 3 points increase here and there i’d have spent my time better.

My advice not play BL3 until all dlc’s and patches nerfs and buffs are done.

I mean… this game is all about farming.

take a break, play other games and don’t feel like you HAVE to farm.
besides…this forum, reddit, telegram, facebook, twitter, it’s all good to excange or even get free M10 stuff!

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