I got one question and only one question about Pendles

…How… in the name of all the Eldridd sentinel gods…


…does this snake…

…tie his shoes with these… :thinking:

…Oh and second and more important question, do we have a release date/more info on him yet? He is suppose to get released sometime this month, correct?

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A few possibilities:

He gets someone else to tie his shoes for him.
They are self-tying shoes (it’s the future!).
Those are not string laces; they are elastics and, as such, do not require tying.
It is possible to tie shoelaces with a single hand (I have done it before; it’s just really difficult and takes a lot longer) so he does it himself with his one “real” hand.
They are not tied; instead, he filled them with glue before placing his feet into them and let the glue dry.
Garblanthix Ur, Lord of All Sentinels, gave him magic shoes that stay on his feet with magic. I mean, nanotechnology. Yeah, nanotechnology.


snake arm has the dexterity of, well, a snake or octopus arm. tada.


I hope one of the Official lore explanation will be one of these

…either that or that he became a merc just so he can hire someone to tie his shoes up

It is possible to get a knot into the stalk of a cherry with only the tongue, so it should be possible for Pendles with only his left hand/ the tip of his tail as it should be capable of alot more complex movements.


I was hoping for a Mr Torgue reference… :disappointed:

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He never untied them from the store.

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Self-lacing shoes, DUH! Did you not watch Back to the Future 2?! (Also, Nike is reportedly working on just that for really real.)


They aren’t tied, he tucks his laces in.


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What a minute…why does Pendles have a tentacle-thing and an actual hand?

Or does he have two tentacles, but he just really likes that dope glove? It does go well with his moon boots and custom made extra-wide hoodie.

Unless all snake assassins like hoodies, then it wouldn’t have to be custom made, he could get it at snake assassin Walmart or something.

My head hurts…


This is my favourite. I will accept no substitutions. And the voice notifications informing him of the tied/untied status of his laces sound suspiciously like Microsoft Sam.


…please let this be the official reason…


He has the dexterity to swing the Kama, so he should, by logic, be able to grip a shoe lace.

However, being as we do not see the knot, it is most likely tied once, yet loosely. This would allow for Pendles to slip in and out of his boots/shoes.

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Really? I prefer the more absurd ones, like the glue and Garblanthix Ur, Lord of All Sentinels. Because a snake person with 4 limbs, 2 of them legs, one of them a jointed arm ending in a hand with 4 finger and an opposable thumb, and one of them a snake’s tail makes absolutely no sense to me, and absurdity deserves absurdity.

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Yes, and I am absolutely certain this is why there are laces on one side and Velcro straps on the other