I got the "cloud sync problem" and chose to download to machine

I got the infamous “cloud sync problem” and chose to download to my computer and it wiped out about 4 hours of gameplay, a couple legendaries, and 3 story missions. I thought this issue was fixed, and is there any way to get my save back?

Since I haven’t encountered this problem (I disabled cloud saves as soon as the first reports of people losing savegames came flooding in), I wonder: Doesn’t the epic launcher show you which save location contains the most up-to-date version? I know that’s how Steam handles it - there, you just have to look at the dates and pick the most recent one. Usually, it’s the local save.

As for ways to get your savegame back, I believe the only option is looking for a Windows backup (Win10 only) of the folder where your savegames are stored. There’s a tutorial on how to do this somewhere on this forum, but I don’t remember in which thread.