I got zucced by corrupted file need friend :(

so this happened. I was level 61 with a bunch of good loot, all gone. If anyone can boost me back to 61 i would suuuuuuuuuper appreciate it, super bummed out i lost my main. I looked up if there was a way to restore the save but it seems only if you backed up with cross save or the ps plus cloud. Wich i didnt do and i learned my lesson. My ps4 name is Cd1zzy any help would be very appreciated.

Welcome to the forums bud. I’m sorry we aren’t meeting under less objectionable circumstances.

That, my friend, is a big hairy stinkfist you got handed right there. You’d probably get more help if you were in the PS4 section of the Handsome collection subforum, or at least the playstation section here. I’d help but I haven’t cross saved all of my PS3 toons over to PS4 yet. You can add me anyway, PSN Hanzothesaw (just mention the forum in the request so I know), and if you haven’t been sorted I’ll help as much as possible when I get more saves crossed over. Failing that maybe a kindly mod could move this thread to the right section? @VaultHunter101, @Psychichazard, or @Tokesy97, perhaps one of y’all could lend our new friend a hand? (I hope you guys don’t mind the pings. I’ll buy you all beers next time it’s geographically convenient.)

Edit: was this in the right section all along? Or was it ninja moved? If it was in the right thread all along I owe you guys an apology for unnecessary pinging.


Thanks man. I didnt realise there was console specific forums, and someone moved it over to ps4 so thanks for the help. Hope i find someone. :slight_smile:

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You probably will. The people here are generally pretty helpful. You can add me, and I’ll cross over one or two of my higher level toons, so I can maybe help you get a few levels. I probably can’t do much for you in terms of gear, but some xp is not out of the question.

Yea that would be sweet, im not worried about the gear quite yet. whats ur psn account?

Once your in UVHM on level gear is quite important for success, or at least less frequent respawns. My PSN is Hanzothesaw. I probably won’t be able to help you until Friday morning, eastern standard time. But if you still need a boost then I’ll help you out.

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This contravenes the forum rules, so we don’t talk about it here, but whatever works for you. I’ll cross a save or two over tomorrow and if you still need some levels when I’m on this Friday I’ll see what I can do for you.

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Oops :zipper_mouth_face:

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Not a big deal, as long as you don’t post here looking for or offering it. Now you know for future reference. :wink:

I can help you, psn: Heshkelgaii