I gotta admit, El Dragon is Awesome

So I picked up a copy of this game to play with my son for Christmas last year, because who wouldn’t pay $10 for this game. We played for two weeks, and then sprung for the season pass, mainly to get Pendles and access to the OPS. I initially was drawn to Montana, because Miniguns are always a good time. After mastering Montana, I worked on mastering Phoebe and Marquis, because I really like the LLC design. Then I mastered Oscar Mike. I then decided I wanted to get good with another melee character.

I tried Rath, but found my skills as a melee don’t work well with his style. Not sure why, but I regularly get fewer kills than deaths with him. I tried Galilea, but I guess I play her wrong, as she doesn’t seem broken in my hands. I read a lot about Boulder, and how strong a melee character he is, but sadly I couldn’t figure him out. I tried Shayne and Aurox, because they would regularly beat me when I was a non-Phoebe melee, but like the rest I just couldn’t make it click.

I took to haunting the forums, devouring any new post, when I decided that I would try to play the apparently severely under-powered El Dragon (I never played him in his previous glorious form). My first non-bot match, after reviewing roughly 20 threads on him, was a Monuments Incursion. I had a Kid Ultra on my team who was critical, and I was facing a team with Montana, Orendi, Rath, Marquis and Whiskey. I don’t recall who else I had on my team.

I read how El Dragon should start as a hit and run, doing a little damage and then fleeing. I collected shards, built turrets and killed minions / assisted in killing enemies. It was not until I was level 4 I got my first kill, against their Marquis who was a little too focuses on the lane to see me come up from behind him. I then moved on and killed Montana, who had been assaulting our first sentry and was running away.

Earlier, I mentioned we had a KU who was critical. By the time I got to level 5, KU would give me 2 drones, and I would regularly kill 1-3 characters, before making a timely retreat. I finished the game with the most kills on our team, killed 1 of the 2 sentries and had the most fun I have ever had.

I have to admit, giving El Dragon gear that focuses on increased health was key, so thanks @Dr_H0H0, your insights are greatly appreciated. I am excited to play El Dragon, and see just how good I can make him.


Good job. You should try Shane again, stick to Fetch and Boomerangs, not fists.

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Ah, another aspiring Dragon main. He really is a great character. No where near as strong as he was but still better than most people give him credit for.

He sure is! Nothing makes a person sweat more than facing a tough match and seeing one of your randoms pick el Dragon.

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What is crazy is how when I got the game, my son and I played all of the characters, I tried El Dragon when I unlocked him, and thought he was too hard to use. I decided to take a new look at him because some people kept saying he is still strong, while others swore he is garbage.


EVERY character is strong, if you know how to use them; anyone who says a specific character is “garbage” is in reality saying “i don’t know how to use that character, and suck with them. Therefore i claim the CHARACTER is the problem, to feel better about myself.” :slight_smile:


I don’t know, I have played Toby quite a bit and never found him to be that strong…



I have such sights to show you…


Pendles is lacking… Thats what i can say.

Vs noobs amazing vs veterans… A little bit usless, he needs his att speed mutation buffed or the slow or both!

When that stealth buff got in game, pendles killed me a couple of times, like it should be. Without is easy to outrun, harras and punish.

If I start paying attention and attack him while he is cloaked they usually quit. Most of the time I ignore him unless he makes an assassination attempt. If he gets too many kills on my team or starts singling me out I will start attacking him every time I see him. His cloak is the worst.

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Uncloaked is garbage… Slow, big crit, not burst dmg (like deande) potential.

The att speed mutation is rly good but for his style… Takes a lot to activate and is hard to keep it up.

Back to el dragon im using a legendary llc gear that got stealth buffed, it gives 280 shield and the legendary llc recoil to get extra 15% dmg as shield.

I end up with 680 shield, get around 40 from a single clap on minons and get 30% damage reduction.

Tankish el dragoooon!!!

This is awesome! El dragon is my least played and I was just looking for some tips myself. His early game is a bit rough but his late game is crazy. Clothesline is awkward. I’ve been using the knockup so that I can cancel near the target instead of having to hit directly and it gives me a chance to get out of a body block while they are in the air if I get myself stuck. I play a lot of deande so drop kick is easy to land. His combo feels similar to gally and his hits are pretty easy to land as far as melee characters go in this game. I hope I can finally figure him out.
Good luck.

Have you tried his legendary and skilk dmg lvl 5 right? With double clothesline you hit around 450x2

Seems like the knock up dmg is buffed by att power not skill :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not sure if clothesline got reworked or something iirc everytime i hited a minion i would stop or turn in its direction, it was a pain to use it to escape ( i could be wrong) close to a minion wave or player.

I don’t even have his legendary yet. Skill damage looks like it could probably be a good way to go. I’m trying to get to where I can land clothesline going one direction and not die in the process, then I can try to do double lol. I’m not sure how the hitbox works for clothesline. Sometimes I get stuck and sometimes I push through. It’s hard to tell if I hit someone or not. I don’t really get it yet. I’m not even going to try bots battle until I unlock the rest of his mutations.

Flank then hit and run. At lvl 5 you can set up kills with the knock up and stun from ult.

Is rly interesting and fun to play el dragon.

Try the llc health + hp when shield depleted, regen +dr and att power+ speed after a meele hit

I don’t see myself playing him in pvp anytime soon, maybe not ever. Lately in pvp I either have to bring my A game or it’s so lopsided one way or the other that it doesn’t even matter. If I had a regular 5 man I could see how he could be a lot of fun in pvp. Along with a lot of other characters and things.

Are you a pc player?


Why not ps4 :c oh well
You dont need a premade, i use him with randoms :stuck_out_tongue: you can improve when you are doing stuff solo. First thing you learn is: how the fk survive v premade stun meta.

Ps if you find out let me know, im still trying to find out lol

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Stay out of range and or dodge. Have good tank/support rescuers. Make at least one of them pay for it each time.

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