I gotta admit something... I really don't like BALEX

Sure, sure, Ice-T and everything. He has a couple lines that are funny and his delivery is in his traditional Ice-T fashion. But BALEX is who I’m talking about. Not Ice-T.

Might be a few spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned, but I’ll throw up tags for the bigger ones.

BALEX is kind of an ■■■■■■■ and I’m not sure why I’m siding with him other than to get the Vault Key and to have Ice-T become the “Voice of Sanctuary III”. Overall, BALEX is in the wrong in the relationship with GenIVIV. He screwed up and infested the ship (AKA: GenIVIV’s body) with ratch (which we should take as an STI “joke”) and instead of feeling guilty over the mistake he instead calls her a “bitch” and attempts to explain it away and reverse blame by stating that she downloaded him into a teddy bear… which she clearly did way after he allowed the ship to become infested therefore making his point null and more of an attempt at something similar to gaslighting.

He constantly insults her simply because she put him in a teddy bear and sided with Aurelia instead of the Jakobs family. Sure, she betrayed her owner, but she only seems to be on bad terms with BALEX because he sabotaged her and sided with their previous owner. She admits that she did care for BALEX and thought it would work, but BALEX admits that it wouldn’t have primarily because they were from different manufacturers… so, he was in the relationship because… digital booty?

I just don’t really have a reason to like BALEX. Admittedly, I am not a fan of GenIVIV either, but that is primarily because she is posed as a roadblock in our quest and has sided with our opponent after being promised freedom and a new ship. If we’re talking about their relationship I side with GenIVIV every time. BALEX seems to have screwed her over a lot in their relationship and he doesn’t really display any redeeming qualities aside from being loyal to our allies.

BALEX isn’t really a likable character and displays a lot of toxic personality traits. I’m just not sure why I should like him aside from the fact that it’s Ice-T in an old, torn up teddy bear.


I hope balex got downloaded back to a maliwan bot.

On the other hand, GenIVIV might be perfect for The Bosun.


I personally like the BALEX story line. Its one of the stories that actually has a BL feel about it. Also like his character, has a bit i grit.

There’s plenty of unlikable characters that side with the Crimson Raiders i guess. We all have our favourite characters for one reason or another that side together for a common goal.


Any chance I could exchange Balex for GenIVIV? She seemed a lot more like my kind of personality.

I want someone who can help me kill my enemies not navigate around them…

Meh. It’s okay if he’s an ■■■■■■■, because he’s funny. I’ll take a hundred loyal jerks over the nicest guy trying to kill me. The relationship drama was just a load of stereotypes used to deliver situational murder comedy. It’s probably best not to overanalyze it.


I agree, if you come to BL for depth of story, you’re probably looking in the wrong place. Its kind of like the Hang Over (or other similar movie) of video games.

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The Balex part of the story just like most everything in the story felt lazy and cringey quite honestly. I mean the part where she sends in the uh… excited jabbers, i just wanted it to be over. I don’t like or dislike Balex tbh. I think it’s cool that Ice-T was in this game. But with this writing, it’s kinda like having Morgan Freeman reading the back of a cereal box. They both are meant for better things


Having the voice of Sanctuary III sound like its having an orgasm all the time would get old. Lets not forget that GenIVIV tried to kill us to keep us form the key, not what I would call a stable girlfriend type…


I found both characters cringy and unfunny on the same level. There’s not a single line from BALEX or GENEVIVI, or whatever she’s called, that I found funny.


Someone download both into the same hard drive and eject them into space with the Kevins, please…


I very much disagree given the quality of BL2 (and certain parts of TSP). They have demonstrated quite a deal of competence in terms of storytelling.

I’mma hazard a guess that you don’t know many writers/filmmakers/general storytellers. In my experience it’s less “over-analyzing” and more akin to seeing below the surface. Most media has subtext and part of the interest of media comes from the subtext and the deeper meaning it can present.

That is… not the case. I’m typically of the opinion that being an ■■■■■■■ is not funny. If you do though then I say you do you, boo.


You want Geniviv then it’s simple. You farm her for the Messy Breakup shield. Then you will have her almost orgasming in your ear everytime you kill stuff and insulting you when you screw up or she feels like it.


I will here say that the gameplay of Borderlands 3 is what makes this game great! :slight_smile:

As for the story… I had very low expectation to start with, and I was pleasantly surprised. The story is, at the very least, entertaining! :slight_smile:
But does it hold any kind of scrutiny?
Not really…
Could it? I dunno… But I was not holding it to that standard…

I was paraphrasing a Handsome Jack quote there. Who was frequently an ■■■■■■■ and funny with it.


I found him super cringey and ■■■■■■■-ish too.

I really hated it when he forced her out onto the hard drive and ejected it like he was taking a sh*t.

The only line of that whole quest i actually found funny was when he explained his name.


Honestly, the one I used, she was never loud enough that it bothered me too much.

I forgot the origin of his name… I only remember that GenIVIV had it worse because numbers don’t work like that.

I agree. I had to turn up the volume just to hear her.

I enjoyed all the talking gear in the other games and was hoping for some here. However she is too quiet and this is the only talking i have have found.

I use the messy break up shield and have for a while, so I know how crazy GenIVIV is. She just bounces from adoration to jealousy in the blink of an eye. I don’t blame BALEX at all after getting to know her, she’s insane.



Amara: What does the name BALEX mean?

BALEX: BALEX stands for “Binary Augmented Logistical”…uh…screw it. Old Man Jakobs couldn’t decide whether to call me “Barry” or “Alex”, so he went with BALEX. Not much of an origin story. What’s your name mean?

AMARA: My name is “Amara”. It means “Deathless” on forty seven planets. And is a brand of conditioner on eight more.

BALEX: We both got off better than GenIVIV. That’s not even how numerals work.


Bro 1: Yea, I broke up with her ass, my bro.
Bro 2: Why, my bro-ness?
Bro 1: She was crazy, bromister.

Not sure if a shield is the best interpretation of her personality considering she stays pretty consistent throughout the quest and audio logs she is in. Even if they did have some sort of mood disorder that isn’t an excuse for treating your significant other/ex like crap and just being a fairly toxic person.

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