I gotta admit something... I really don't like BALEX

I think you give too much credit to the medium and not enough credit to the common sense of people.

If someone is influenced by these negative stereotypes to the point of mimicking behaviour / traits the person being influenced is inheritantly flawed to begin with the medium just highlighted the flaw.

Looking at it logically in this way the medium is not to blame at all it actually shows you danger warnings for people that have deep seated issues.


I don’t know what games you’re talking about, but speaking about this series in particular, I don’t play it to “get woke”, if people are still using that term haha

I don’t take games that seriously. I play them to be entertained by pretty muscle girls punching the pickled livers out of drunken roach/rat hybrids.


Well now we know who Moxxi gave Scooter’s porn stash to…this guy in the quote. So that’s one mystery solved.


This 100%!

Even studies regarding the impact of violence in movies/television found this exact same result… If someone can’t handle a joke then they should just avoid the cause of concern, not try and ruin things for everyone else.


I am the guy that went and read 50 cancer jokes after my beloved dads death from cancer.

I am a big big believer in humour trumps trauma and reading those often callous jokes (and still laughing at some) helped me deal with things.

Not everyones like me of course its definitely a case of know your audience :slight_smile:


Just to let you know will be off forum’s for a short while.

I need to climb in my cardboard box and sneak to the shops making sure to assassinate anyone that sees me on the way.

I can’t help it I am still struggling from Metal Gear Solid Syndrome all these years later!

That is literally human nature. People learn behaviors by seeing them and then mimicking them. How do you think we learn language? How do you think we learn political views? Why do you think a fair portion of the USA believes in an orange, racist, sexual predator who wants to kill everyone who isn’t just like himself?

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Yes but were not 3 now and have brains that should be capable of rational thought man.

EDIT Just wanted to say thank you to the staff member who unflagged the post.

Am I the only thing me who kinda felt Balex’s personality was kind of how Ice T has somewhat portrayed himself to act in reality through his music and acting roles?

I mean, rap music and culture, especially in Ice’s heyday, were pretty blatantly toxic, misogynistic, and down on women, even still today to a lesser extent, depending on which artists you listen to.

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Not sure why that was flagged was not meant to be insulting, just stating your playing an adult content game you have to at least hope the people playing your intended adult game with a sane rational mindset.

Sorry for anyone upset the comment was not intended as an insult but you can not liken the content of this game to things of real weight and social impact as if its Nazi propaganda or trump fear mongering its really not equivalent.


My point with this post was to state that I don’t like BALEX because he seemingly has no traits that are likable and that he mistreats people who have seemingly done him little to no wrong.

Now this post has devolved into people exclaiming things like “It’s okay because it’s a video game”, “Who cares. Only stupid people mimic the things they see done”, or “This is a sign that people who give a damn about other people are fools”. It has seemingly devolved to insults and a disregard for others. Which was the complete opposite of my point.

I made this post to express my views when it comes to how BALEX isn’t really a likable character and how he treats/treated his Ex/partner. It has turned into an thread where apologists attempt to rationalize toxic and abusive behavior. I believe this discussion is over unless we can get back on topic and, if it does not, I’m leaving it on this note.



I wouldn’t say stupid… I would describe it as more along the lines of “only the people who behave this way already will continue thinking its OK to be like this outside the video game.” some very intelligent people are still capable of acting this way which is a shame… Because actually being like that is wrong.

I’m not even sure where you got this, however I will respond by saying people attempting to censor video games (as well as my previously mentioned subjects of violence in movies/TV… And tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons) are taking it too far. Let entertainment be what it was meant to be, either for you or simply not. I’m not into watching March of the Penguins, but you don’t see me trying to take it away from anyone.

Humor is subjective, you don’t like him but I do. And in the end I even have a reason to not like his character which is completely on topic - and you chose to disregard it altogether. If you can ignore the opinions of others, why can’t you just ignore the game if you don’t like it? It’s well within your power but for some reason you are taking something you dislike and focusing on it instead… Perhaps your priorities are misaligned.


And the Foreman of the construction site

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To clear things up. The ratch infestation happened after BALEX was forced to crashland the ship because GenIVIV was flipping ■■■■■ about their break up.

So the general argument is that there is toxic humor in BL3 and some people don’t like this fact?

What about the fact you are playing a character where you are illegally entering property that doesn’t belong to you and brutally massacring every living thing inside?!?!

Dang, if you don’t like the humor, instead of being offended how about you just quit playing and move on? Read a book you don’t like the plot you read something else. Watch tv and a show has a plot you don’t like, you switch channels.

Why is it different for video games? If you don’t like it you move on, stop trying to make the game into some political issue.

I still don’t like Balex or even most of the NPC’s in BL3, but a few are decent. I will play because I enjoy the game, if not the story.


I’m not sure about that, if memory serves she complained about getting a ratch infestation from ‘a port’ (I assume dock?) he took her to. Will have to revisit to be certain

Okay thank god I was remembering right. Sure, maybe the wordplay was a joke on STDs (I honestly don’t remember the exact dialog) but the ratch was through an emergency crash? So why would he have to take the responsibility for that?

As for the other comments; I don’t want to say “stupid” people are the only ones who will mimic media. But it’s legitimately insulting that people here think that the majority of the population will look at the themes in this game and think it’s okay to do in real life.

Most people will not look at a “toxic” relationship and think it’s okay to be bad to their partner real life. Most people will not look at a psychopath who just happens to be hilarious and think his are actions are perfectly fine in real life.

Most people are capable of knowing the difference between fiction and reality.

Oh. Hmmm. Meh.

I think regardless it reaaaaaallly doesn’t matter and the OP is reading way too much into this.


We’re in a war so it’s not illegal. Actually most of the places we go and murder everything inside is at the behest of the rightful owner who’s had it taken over by violent force.