I gotta admit something... I really don't like BALEX

Yeah, I don’t mind the ship saying “navigated, bitches”, but the writing in BL3 is nowhere near as good as past installations.

I have zero concern for any of the characters in BL3 with all the one-dimensional characters and lack of any real change in anyone, I played the BL2 campaign at least a dozen times and always felt engaged and entertained by the gameplay and dialog as choices played out and NPCs changed as the story progressed.

Borderlands has always been over the top and childish, but it was almost always campy and fun, so it worked pretty well for what it was.

Now they’re trying to make things grittier or more mature maybe, but it just comes across like some of the characters are just acting like dickheads, some just replay the same joke over and over (VAUGHN), and none of it really has any weight.

Even the main villains are a joke, with Handsome Jack he was busy building a butt stallion or death star to keep him occupied and not interfering with the player, but in this one we basically quest together with the main bad guys and they never bother to kill anyone, even when they’re standing over a helpless vault hunter.

This game shows what happens when a studio doesn’t have leadership that recognizes the value of their brand or know what their players want.

On paper it’s a great sequel with a billion guns and celebrity voices for new absurd characters, but in execution it’s underwhelming and filled with dozens of bad design choices that really make it a let down compared to the improvements we saw from BL1 to BL2.

Oh I have no issues with it, just saying if you are worried about the humor, well, there are a lot worse things happening then the lousy jokes.

Everyone talk about the topic and not each other


Do you know who is in charge of writing now? I don’t think you want him replaced.



Who is it? Why not?

Its Randy V, the man who made Battleborn


I… I’m not sure if I’d advertise that as a positive


Well, I just don’t know what to say to that.

I’m certainly not the only one with complaints about the writing / story / characters.

And there ARE moments of brilliance!

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I had no issues with him, he’s pretty funny and I hope he is still the navigator on Santuary in BL4. While I did sympathize with GenIVIV a bit, that sympathy ended after she tried to destroy Sanctuary, I would have been happy to let her and Balex co-exist on Sanctuary if she would have reformed, but she seemed hell bent on revenge sadly.

Was he the writer from the beginning, or did he take over later?

The Borderlands 1 writer Mikey Neuman was the lead writer on Borderlands 3 from 2015 to 2017, in 2017 he retired citing ongoing health issues. As far as I know he was replaced as lead writer by 2 people, Danny Homan and Sam Winkler, who were both junior members of the Battleborn writing team. I’m not sure where Derch is getting that Randy Varnell is the writer on Borderlands 3, I don’t recall hearing anything about that. And wasn’t Randy Varnell the director on Battleborn, not the lead writer? I thought Aaron Linde was the lead writer on Battleborn?

Edit: So Randy Varnell oversees the writing teams on all Gearbox games as the Managing Producer of Narrative, but he was not directly writing Borderlands 3. Mikey Neuman was lead writer for 2 years, then was replaced by co-lead writers Danny Homan and Sam Winkler, just as I thought.

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I appreciate the discussion of the Borderlands writers, but I feel it may be a tad off topic as the initial discussion was meant to be about one’s personal feelings on BALEX, his personality, and if you enjoy him or not.

I feel as though we may have strayed a tad too far from that train of thought.


He isn’t the writer, I believe the head writer is sam

I didn’t say he was the writer

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I would very much appreciate it if we could stay on topic and not bring this discussion further away from said topic by attempting to argue privilege, the patriarchy, and the difference between male and female power dynamics in male dominated societies.

So did you flag the other guy for going off course? Seems off topic also.

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Wow. You are taking the writing, way, way too seriously. He’s just supposed to be vulgar, sarcastic and rude for the sake of humor. You’re way over analyzing.

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