I gotta admit something... I really don't like BALEX

Wait there was some kind of story to Battleborne??? :slight_smile:

Welcome to Borderlands, innuendos and insults are the basis of most of the writing.

Nah Balex is awesome IMO. A more than worthy addition to the canon of Borderlands characters. :slight_smile:

(Side note: I don’t know where people are getting the idea that past BL installments had better writing. They’re all full of plot holes and inconsistencies, in some cases the narrative seemingly shoehorned in around level objectives (case in point: the whole plot thread about getting a software upgrade for Claptrap to bypass the deathwall in Thousand Cuts in BL2… it’s full of plot holes and general WTF-ness heh. There’s been more than a few threads here about the questionable writing in BL/BL2/TPS over the years.)

How about our Badass vault hunters getting stopped in their quest to save pandora because a ladder fell over

It kind of reminds me of the state star wars is in. “They don’t follow the rules of physics” when star wars never did. The og star wars was full a messes, luke getting out of a trash compactor with totally clean and dry clothes etc…


I doubt many people think BL2 will win any awards, but Handsome Jack’s writing was absolutely amazing and there were a lot of 1 liners that to this day I still laugh by butt off when I play it and that is after I have completed it dozens of times over.

BL3 literally had a single handful of moments where I was laughing.

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Oh yeah, topping Jack is a nearly impossible task. Total agreement there. Dameon Clarke deserves a lot of the credit though, through his delivery and random ad-libs.

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There in lies the rub, when you have such a breakout villain that becomes so iconic and you kill him off. Where do we go now??? you would have to be writing superstars or the luckiest people in the world to come close again.

The new villains are ok I guess. but I am sure very few people will put them at Jacks level of fun and impact.

So even though the base kind of story writing has not changed as you say quite rightly buddy, unfortunately the quality of the characters they are writing for is certainly not the same.

Yeah I said before BL3 came out that Gearbox was screwed when it came to a villain to compare to Jack, there was no way they were going to top him.

The problem is they went from absolute top tier best ever villain (IMHO), to bottom of the barrel, not even remotely decent, current villains.

Not sure if they could have done worse if they had tried.

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Aside from BAR (which i could simply turn off) and a few skills that either didn’t scale well or didn’t work, BL2 was near perfect imo. BL3 falls short in nearly every category. BUT the game play is outstanding. And a few of the QoL changes are outstanding. I’ve just come to accept the fact this game doesn’t exactly feel like Borderlands to me in a lot of ways. But it is still fun and there is still a lot to come.

I can easily look past the poor writing. Not why i’m here. BL2 story/writing (aside from a couple DLC’s) was just a great bonus for me. Game play is the star. And it’s wonderful in BL3. And Balex being a big meanie is near the bottom of the list of problems with this game. Not on my list actually.

This is my feeling as far as story. Story is lousy but they could do away with all the chatting cut scenes so I can move on quicker rather then waiting on the bridge for lillith and calypso twins to finish talking…

Supposedly they are looking into that as a lot of people requested the option to skip. That option was there in Borderlands GOTY so i would be expecting it in the near future tbh

Yeah sanctuary cut scenes are just known as fruit machine time to me.

Run to moxis spin spin spin run back to bridge for inane button push back to moxi spin spin spin lol.

Its starting to look like pure vanity now not offering us a skip cutscene feature yet.

You will wonder at our creation every time!!! Apreciate mortals!!!

Forcing you to rewatch scenes quickly turns any appreciation into frustration in a game like this with multi play thoughs.

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Well, this has gotten really off-topic.

The petition for skippable cut-scenes is that-away------->
And the thread for discussing the writing quality is over in SPOILERS-------->