I guess I found a major (german) spelling mistake affecting Phasegrasp Amara builds


  1. Phasenumklammerung
  2. Phasenschlag
  3. Phasenprojektion


  1. Phasegrasp
  2. Phaseslam
  3. Phasecast

Now because I use Phasegrasp I of course farmed and collected weapons with (German: Nach dem Einsatz von Phasenumklammerung erhöht sich für kurze Zeit der Waffenschaden um 250% English: After using Phasegrasp weapon damage increases by 250% for a short time)

But I now tested it with two bitches, one with +250% on phasegrasp, the other with +100% on ASE and sure enough with the one with +250% nothing happens, while with the one with +100% it increases.

So I guess that is wrong on all weapons, at least in the german version!

Really nice, I mean hundreds of hours wasted!!! :man_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Seriously who the hell does the translation and proofreading? That’s not some minor thing, this is a ■■■■■■■ major mistake!

Here pics of of my weapons:

2019110504364173 2019110504370761
2019110505004272 2019110505005259

Now I also understand why that Hellfire was so ■■■■ of course it’s ■■■■ if the annointement doesn’t work because some ■■■■ bug! ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ !!!


if you changed to english does it still says phasegrasp? that is a phasecast anointment.

there is no such thing as phasgrasp 250% damage, otherwise it will be overpowered.

this are the only phasegrasp anointed i believe:
While Phasegrasp is active, Amara constantly triggers novas that deal 3718 damage.
While Phasegrasp is active, Weapon charge time is decreased by 71% and Fire Rate is increased by 12%.
After using Phasegrasp, Weapon Accuracy and Handling are greatly increased.
After Phasegrasping an enemy, Amara fires Terror skulls at the grasped target dealing 3718 damage.

The translation is correct it literally says in German : “increases weapon damage by 250% for a short time”

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Look this needs to be addressed ASAP because it’s seriously a major issue.

And I now wonder how many people using the german version still assume it’s on phasegrasp.

This also explains the confusion online, with people searching for +250% on phasegrasp and others +250% on phasecast and people claiming +250% on phasegrasp doesn’t exist, while others claim it does but is really rare etc.

It’s totally ■■■■’d up!

And if I now think about the time wasted to get those, if I would have know earlier I would have farmed the +100% ones instead throwing them away as soon I got the +250% ones. :woman_facepalming::man_facepalming:

This seriously is game breaking for me now, I think I will pause some weeks now…!!! :angry::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


tagging @VaultHunter101 so he can pass it along.

To be fair “umklammerung” most definitely means “clasp” and definitely “grasp” … maybe they meant “cast” but used some crap like Google translate instead of getting an actual German person to translate this better.

Well but you know it’s correct in the skilltree, so I really don’t understand how the managed to ■■■■ it up like this.

Do I need to completely change my build or what? Really ■■■■ this!

I don’t know how they managed to mess it up man and it is correct in the skill tree! I’m sorry they screwed that up… I know it was hard farming! Maybe if you send them the pics they will give you different versions :man_shrugging:t3:

The issue is the different versions ate all crap!

I don’t need crap accuracy and better handling for a short time, I already have that permanently in the skill tree. So this means the phasegrasp build is ■■■■! I guess I will now enlighten some on german Discords about, because there they say it’s either phasegrasp or phaseslam for amara and phasecast is ■■■■. Well, i guess this will change everything now.

EDIT: If they going to do something like this, then give me the same with +100% on ASE but i’m definitely not interested in those for phasegrasp with accuracy/handling, because they are useless.

As a native German speaker, who does play games in English, i find that ‚Gesalbt‘ is the wrong translation for anointed. I know it‘s the correct translation through a dictionary, but it just sounds weird.

In search for a better word, i would rather ‚priviligierte‘ than ‚gesalbte‘. I know it‘s not perfect either, but it‘s just what came to my mind at the spot.

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Well at least “anointed” also means “gesalbt” in german, so it’s translated correctly, but even if not that at least wouldn’t affect anything and also not ruin hours and hours of farming for the supposed correct annointments for the own build etc.

I now used the only two weapons with +100% annointment I have and the difference is like day & night, I suddenly overall need less ammo and they actually die faster. Seriously sucks that I thrown away those for the +250% ones that supposedly were the correct ones for me.

Can you file a ticket with support.2k.com?
I’m also going to bring this up to the devs to get it on their radar.

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If you threw them away from a bug, make a ticket for the lost Items since you took a screen shot, maybe they might reimburse you them back. Worth a shot!