I guess I should have expected this

How should I get my friend to feel more…involved? My friend and I are doing a “Road to OP8” I’m Krieg :wink: and he is Gaige…simply put-- we are some of the worst classes to be on a team together. We have massive amounts of power behind us, but not so much on teamwork. (Thank god our characters don’t rely on kill skills.)

Here’s the thing heh—well Gaige is a powerful class…it just takes sometime to get her rolling. My character however does not. We’re in UVHM right now and it really seems like I’m doing most of the work, I kill things so fast he can barly get his stacks up. Is it my fault? I don’t think so…we’re in UVHM I need to kill before they kill us. It’s just I feel like he’s not getting involved cause of how powerful Krieg is, the guy however has been getting lucky as ■■■■…he manage to find a Legendary Class mod! (lucky ass >.> lol)

Any tips at all about this? maybe take 2 mins before running into battle or something idk.

Why would he be trolling. That is a legit concern. If someone comes in and asks for help we should help them.

To the OP your co-op partner should make a post in the gauge section with the build and gear they are using. That could help.

Another thing would be to let your partner pre stack to 100 on the target dummy before you start, only takes a few mins. That way they start stronger.

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Reason why i tohugh he was trolling is because Gaige and Krieg Have AMAZING Synergy, a catalyst gaige+hellborn Krieg, Both using stormfronts or whatever+storms=fuun+overkill.

Wait, how was that offensive? Really? Sorry if it was, but why not say so, Jesus Christ. Why do people get offended so easily?

Pre-stacking would help. Do Gaige’s Anarchy Stacks carry over when you save and quit, assuming Gaige has not died? I never paid attention, which is why I ask. Unless I am interpreting incorrectly, the OP mentioned a “Road to OP8”; likely meaning “Road to Sanctuary” on OP8. That would mean the target dummy is not yet available, since Sanctuary has not yet been reached. But, I could be wrong…

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Ah thank you my man, not to be rude but I was worried I would be stuck with Krieg Krazy. Honestly those types just—ugh…thank you I’ll use your info and tell him to pre-stack on his anarchy :slight_smile: If he feels like it aswell I’ll also get him to post his build…if not I’ll just post it myself on here on this very thread.

I really should watch how I phrase things…my mistake. The meaning with “Road to OP8” is well OP8 difficulty. We’re trying to see if we can make it that far as a team with these two characters, finish raid bosses on OP8 and so much more :slight_smile: we just need to unlock it (nearly there though~)

What do u mean those types? I apologized and this is what I get? If you actually explained that you were being serious than i would have helped you.

No prob. Then you can obviously disregard since I thought you meant you had not gotten to Sanctuary yet. Pre-stacking should definitely help. Good luck!

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No. You have to rebuild them every session.

Pretty much if you’re both relying on kill skills (you for healing and your friend for shields). What are your builds and gear? i’ve played with a Gaige before and we were able to work together fairly well, but we’ve been playing together for years now and know each other’s playstyle. Plus we had my wife playing as Maya, which really helps in that situation.

Not trying to be a d*** but this KriegKrazy guy is beginning to annoy me.

On track though, i know where you’re coming from, me and my friend had the same problems.

Hahaha see you have Maya on your team, you can get revived without even getting close to one another plus the team healing for the both of you.

We’re both not relying on kill skills, my skills come from just dealing as much damage as possible either normal or explosive. My friend however I can’t really say I haven’t checked out his build due to, how much he switches things up…that being said I don’t think Gaige has little to any kill skills from what I can remember. (if I’m wrong then I’m sorry.)

Once we’re all set up, our team is powerful. My melee damage plus his gun damage ooooh man! It’s just at times I feel like I’m doing more then him and that causes him to not gain as much stacks as he should or kill skills if he has any. Our defense is our offense, our support is our offense and our offense if our offense lol.

I know right >.>

Is that so? what did you do to solve that problem? did you just work around it or did you find a way to well–“Fix” it in a sense.

What build are you using? You can use the skill calculator to post it. And Gaige has quite a few kill skills:

  • Unstoppable Force
  • Upshot Robot
  • Evil Enchantress
  • Shock Storm
  • Blood Soaked Shields

My friend uses BSS so we fight over shields sometimes: me to get my health back while rampaging and him to get his shields back. What we do when it’s just the two of us is either he gets some stacks off of the dummy in Marcus’ shop or we go somewhere he can make quick kills like the dust (he gets ~8 or each Bandit Technical he kills). But as mr. crazy said, a Hellborn centered Krieg and a Gaige with a Cat mod can really light the place on fire…and acid…and shock…and slag, though I don’t think slag lights up… :blconfused:

So far this is my build

I mind you, it’s not finished yet. I don’t have all my gear hell I don’t even have a Legendary class mod yet (unlike my friend >.>) so far I’ve just been using a Love Thumper for damage/Shield of the Fire Hawke every so often. I don’t use weapons that much so I’ve just been using whatever…however that being said I always keep Rubi out just so I can heal whenever I damage someone.

Edit: Gulfwulf- sorry I just posted this right when you posted what build are you using.

This is the build I use with a Leg. Sickle. A blue scream sickle will work almost as well until you can get one. After you hit 62, tubby enemies should start dropping the better COMs, so you might want to think about some Dust runs. I used a Rage Meat for a long time before I found a Leg. Sickle, so your gear also makes a difference. By the way, do you have Sir Hammerlock’s DLC? If so, I highly recommend the Rough Rider over the Love Thumper or any roid shield. Not only does it give you extra health, it also gives you 20% DR, which stacks with Taste of Blood and really helps out when rampaging. Plus Embrace the Pain is always active, Salt the Wound has a higher chance of activating, and you’ll always get the extra damage from Empty the Rage.

I do have a level 72 build that I have in mind. It’s just I thought I would post what I have currently right now. I do have the DLC (thank you Handsome Jack collection.) it’s just we haven’t planned when we should DO the DLC, my friend is a bit…stubborn and says any weapon/item farming is worthless unless we’re at OP8 we’re we get the item at it’s MAX level and such.

I’ve known about the Rough Rider it’s just we’ve never touched any of the DLC before…It would currently make things a bit easier for leveling up/getting those items. He also doesn’t believe in farming >.> so whenever I can I always try to hunt down those tubbys for my shot at a Legendary Class mod.

Yeah…It’s been hard working with this lol. ^

If we could, let’s all stay frosty and on topic, please. Thanks!

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Couldn’t have said it better myself!

thank you <3

The only difference you’ll see with a RR is how much health you get. A level 61 version can be just as useful as a level 72 depending on what you’re facing. Sure, farming can be a bit boring, but it’s so worth it when you find that perfect piece of equipment. :wink: Just remember that UVHM levels up to the host, so if you’re hosting and you out-level him, he’ll have a difficult time catching up.