I guess I should have expected this

Oh I would LOVE to farm, it’s just he doesn’t believe it >.>

Also that won’t be a problem lol we’re playing on the same screen. (aka couch co-op “Road to OP8”) our levels have been with one another since we started this playthrough on NVHM lol.

Kick him in the butt and tell him you’re going to be farming and that’s that. :duketease:

If only I was as strong as you Gulfwulf <3

I’ll go on and try that the next time we have a session. Hell maybe I can finally have a Legendary weapon that will do some damage >.>

He’s been lucky as ■■■■ he has a Legendary Class mod and the Conference Call (well I found that one, but gave it too him cause it works well with him.)

Not a prob, thats what we are here for, people helps me, and I like to return the favor.