I guess I should put thishere, I'm on PSV bl2

My profile someho got corrupted which was just great and of course I hadn’t made a backup of the entire game on my ps3(I hate how you can’t just backup the save data) so now I’ve been putting my character as an upload via the cross save thing as a safety measure.

So anyway I had ~60 golden keys on my profile as I was sitting down one day and entered every key coe I could find, and now after the profile corruption(love how buggy this thingis) I onlyhave 12. I would’ve thought that the game would sa y"hey you haen’t spenthese yet) and gave me back them. But nope, I only got 12 which is a pile of bull.

Also I had did have a gearbox account but I guess it was deleted. Imade it for the borderlands gty edition special club thingy o rwhatever you cal it.

Sorry to hear about this. May I suggest submitting a support ticket here : https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/anonymous_requests/new

I hope they can help. Good luck.

I haven’t gotten any crashes yet, and even weirder, it didn’t crash. I was just deleting some f2p games I was trying out. Then playd some bl2, save and quit. Waited for it to get back to main menu, exited out of it, the shut down the psv.

Ihave sent a request to try to fgure this thing out.

I hate that tiny tina’s assault on dragon keep isn’t incuded or an option to buy it. As the heads/skins are in the game(by use of shift codes). As that was the one dlc I really wanted to play.