I guess I'm lucky, PvP wxperience has bee an absolute pleasure

Playing in PC, joined a friendly clan. Never really played much FPS outside Borderlands. Never played a MOBA.

Been playing a lot lately, the clan helping me out, being patient.

What I’ve noticed in the last week;

I’ve played 41 PvP matches, mostly Incusrion and Meltdown.
The longest I’ve waited was about 8 minutes. While waiting, I clean up gear, make a new set, check challenges, etc…

About a 3rd of the games have been surrenders. Out clan never surrenders, if we’re getting punked, we just play through it and use it as practice on how to recover.

Another 3rd of the games have been kind of beat downs, where you never really felt threatened, or you never really could get enough momentum.

The other 3rd have been wild stalemates, that are only broken in the last minute or two of the game. We’ve won and lost a couple of Incursion games after being up 100-50.

I kind of wish there was a button for the leader of the team to be able to communicate a messafe to other team, to say, "Awesome game, thanks for not quitting.“
"Holy mother lovin’ ■■■■, I can’t believe you guys pulled that off in the last 2 minutes. Amazong game gents.”

I gotta say, I can’t ascribe to the poor experiences reported by so many here.
If I’m this lucky, I don’t mean to rub it in, I just want it to be known that some are getting every penny’s worth of this game.

Its usually not that bad of an experience as far as MOBAs go.

The worst I’ve ran across are leaves and cheeky individuals that spam the more annoying taunts if they kill you over and over to try and get you irritated. Admittedly, I don’t see a good reason for the taunt system to be in as it will practically always primarily used irritate others, which only ruins someone else’s enjoyment of the game.

tldr; 5 mans wrecking pugs

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I would like to second this enjoyment even though a majority of the time I’m playing solo as opposed to a group of players

I play solo queue (no friends with a ps4 have the game except my housemate who can’t handle competitive pvp games) and generally have a good game most of the time.

Only time I get a bit irritated is when you kill. 4 enemies on incursion and nobody pushes for the sentry. Or teammates using Montana body block me trying to escape :wink:

I play solo or duo, mostly meltdown with a sprinkle of incursion too, and I have the same enjoyment. I just cry a little everytime someone on either side vote to surrender. Really? I even had games where we were winning, yet because one guy was playing Yolo and always dying, called for surrender because of death count instead of the minion/sentry count.

This is the fun of MOBA or any competitive game/sport with a goal, sometimes it’s a slow/bad start, yet in the end if you can pick up the slack as a team you can pull out wins out of thin air.

Don’t worry about the poor experience reported here, forums tend to draw the bad out of everything, along with some poor souls like me who just want to read on lore, tips, builds, news. The majority is out there playing and having fun, like always in any other games.