I had a great experience yesterday

Played 6 matches across meltdown and incursion, queue times less than a few minutes each (one less than 30 seconds). Only one surrender. Only one player disconnected (and my team kept going even though we were being beaten). No negative attitudes. It was just an overwhelmingly positive experience in comparison to recent matches.

Just thought I’d share my experience last night :slight_smile:


I had a great experience today.

First game of the day, we get a Level 2 on the team surrounded by 9 high level players.
They either had really terrible internet or were intimidated so much by the numbers they left.

The four of us pulled together and agreed we’re gonna have fun - no tension; no stress.
We did our best, and won 4v5.

Best Team.
Not a single bit of hate was thrown at the Level 2, either.


We need more happy topics on the forums… thank you :slight_smile:


Anyone else have a good story to share from the past 24 hrs? I’ve also really enjoyed seeing a little more variety in characters as well last night.


Nothing crazy, but last night I had some really close incursion matches on XB1. I’m talking a minute left 50/50 when Oscar Mike back doors our sentry, I run back to stop him but the sentry is down to 10 health, look up and their sentry has like 5 health left and my team destroys it.

Another one similar, 50/50 minute or so left me and thorn rush in get our ults on the sentry to nick one health off thinking that’d be enough, the three that saw us killed us and their other team mates get ours to 45, game ends.

Edit: both of these were followed by many GG messages all around.

But then again I did get this game last nigh too.


i just realized who you are. ive played with you several times. pretty sure we have conversed as well. i think we lost a player at one point and you and i carried our team to a 4v5 and i sent you a mssg. it was weeks ago. ill have to check my mssg history

I’m surprised by your 14 kills and 9 deaths as Attikus. That’s impressive how’d you manage that?

I punched people in the teeth.
Many times.

Mostly it was due to an extremely observant and responsive Miko, and a lot of my pounces working just right.

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Behind every good k/d lies a skilled and observant miko


We also had some awesome Meltdown matches last night. When we lost, it felt legit like we were just against a better team, but it was by no means a steamroll. We won a few matches too. Even had like 16 kills/2 deaths as a certain healer who isn’t Alani one match, but I dare not speak his name for fear of drawing the unwanted attention of the dreaded Nerf Wraiths.

Yes, peace out people :sunny:

was this involving the other team having a Gali and we did not?

I’ve been having so much fun playing multiplayer. I was strictly solo. I am too shy to play wiith strangers usually. Only with people I know. But now I find it fun to play co-op online. It’s all I’ve been doing. I have had any negative experiences, maybe a few longer waiting times in matchmaking and a few matches with spawn camping but otherwise the experience has been overwhelmingly positive

3v5 win?


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Was playing as El Dragon and a teammate using Reyna was giving me the overshield repeatedly at the PERFECT time. I got on top of the sentry. I’very never gotten to wail on it for that long without getting killed.

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