I had an odd experience today, wonding if anyone knows what it means

I was on a Normal Mode LM run, after WEP story mission, with Drs. Orders and Animal Rights active, and Rakkaholics awaiting turn in. I loaded the game in the Slaughter Dome, and entered WEP through there. I checked the Dr. Zed vendor, then walked to the small room with 2 Stalker “uvulae” hanging from the ceiling and a yellow Hyperion Weapons Chest and killed the EXP loader here. Then I went back to the building exit and scoped the area for Pimon and Tuumba (they were not there). I came back inside and began opening containers. When I opened the one caddy-corner to the Vendor machines, below the skags, a musical note played. Very apparent, not muted as though it was meant for something else.

Additionally it was a very successful run, as there were 8 LMs (including the 4 in the boxes) between Slaughter Dome and Son of Mothrakk. Although no Legendaries were to be had.

Other Info:
Xbox 360
GOTY (all DLCs and Season Pass)
Had a Salvador Mule
Previously I had Assembled the teddy bear twice

Can you re-create this?
What gear were you carrying?

I don’t remember experiencing what you’re describing, but on very rare occasions… And I mean RARE… I’ve had the signal horn play a melody, instead of the regular honk, when I try to enter Bloodshot Stronghold. There’s also been some highly unusual dialogue from NPC’s from time to time. My only conclusion is that it’s triggered by some hidden code sequence in the game. Something very specific that only triggers when certain requirements are fulfilled.

What I’m trying to say is that things like this happen. They’re ultra rare, and you should consider yourself lucky to have experienced them.


I tried again and it did not happen, and it never happened the hundreds of other times I did the same run throughout various points in my BL2 career.

I was Level 29 Legendary Mechromancer with about 1/2 of my XP bar full.
Level 20 Practicable HeartBreaker on the down arrow weapon slot
Level 22 Sledge’s Shotgun (Corrosive) ont he right arrow weapon slot
Some random Double Projectile, purple rarity handgun on the Up arrow slot
Level 22 Sniper (Blue rarity, fire element) on the left arrow slot

Incendiary Fastball
Deadly Bloom Shield
Legendary Mechromancer
Miss Moxxi’s XP relic

Mule had:
Random Junk Guns
FotF Shield
Vault Hunter Relic
Contraband Skyrocket
Green Hoarder COM with +1.5% ammo regen

Definitely had the melody play when honking the horn in a vehicle a bunch of times, but not what you experienced TC. That is bizarre.

So, from what you guys are saying is that it may just be a sound glitch? I did not notice the normal Hypereon crate opening sound (though I wasn’t paying that close of attention to that specifically).

No glitch! Just something that’s super rare.

During development things get changed around a lot, and it’s quite possible that these rare things are things that were intended to be there, but got deleted at some point. Except they didn’t get deleted. At least not completely.

Interesting. I ran all around looking for something vaguely apparent that changed.

Well, that settles it. Next time I’m out in the Dust in a vehicle blowing up technicals for grins I’m gonna be honking the horn like crazy because I haven’t heard the melody horn yet. :wink: