I Had The Most Insanely Dark Dream

I was playing a new borderlands game (either the pre-sequal or 3 or whatever (not tales of borderlands tho)) and it was announced on the news that North Korea for whatever reason fired everyone at Gearbox (which apparently in my dream was legal). So Gearbox was holding a final press conference which I happened to be at (which is weird because i’ve never been able to afford going to this kind of stuff in person irl). And I told Randy Pitchford that “it’s bullcrap that some dictator in some other country could fire someone in our country”. Well it looked like the entire Gearbox team was one inch from snapping from raw anger and frustration and when I told him that Randy said “IT IS BULLCRAP” but then he continued on “ranting” about it but he was gradually getting louder and angrier and eventually one of the other gearbox members (who for whatever reason did not have a shirt on and was apparently known to almost never wear a shirt) tried to calm him by holding him down. Well apparently he (the shirtless gearbox member) was previously responsible for a really terrible game that cost his gearbox co-workers a significant amount of personal money. So when he did that randy pushed him off and him and the rest of the team grabbed the shirtless co-worker and dragged/pushed (the still standing kind of drag) into a back area where normal public couldn’t go but cameraman apparently could (everything that happens here was seen on the camera and being broadcast live or least in real-time to the people at the press conference) and then the gearbox members (with the exception of the shirtless one) took out a handsaw and held the guy still while one of them sawed off the shirtless guys right arm (shirtless guy screaming the whole time). Then they started to saw him in half vertically starting on his shoulder right next to his neck. While there sawing him they are pulling on his sides so they can pull him apart while he’s being sawed. For whatever reason the shirtless guy was still alive and suffering when they had sawed thru his entire chest and were a little ways into the belly. At that point the other gearbox members had pulled his upper body apart to the point where his upper body was almost completely horizontal of each other.

That’s where I woke up with a extreme “WTF” feeling lol.


I had a dream that I pooped in my friends dryer, the weird thing was that it wasn’t a dream


I had a dream where I was people once. Never again.


Wow and i thought my dream was dark. If i ever dreamed that i was people i would pour battery acid down my ear to burn the memory of it off my brain. #GetWellSoon

Try sulfuric acid.
It works better.

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I would but I’m tired of the cheap stuff. I’m going to the nearest volcano for some lava. That will burn it off.