I hate cats(kitty's pay back thread)

Lets post pictures of ferrets instead.

Reason? Because @Jeffybug caused me to get too many game codes this month and I’m actually having to work not game. So Kitty gets blame too, PH got his. Irish I don’t care enough about.

I don’t even remember the rest of the mods so they don’t count.

Seriously though I’ll be doing contests randomly for free games.

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This is a pretty cute ferret too


That’s not a ferret, that’s an antelope.


Oh, my mistake.

We used to own 12 ferrets. Stinky bastards.

You mean awesome bastards.

Never said that I didn’t like them.

Exactly. Now where are the pictures?

Four in one image, does it mean that I gett bonuspoints?

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Aw… :crying_cat_face:

But I think Ferrets are adorable. So your thread fails as pay-back.

Consider yourself lucky.


Goes into panic mode.

“Take this!” He shouted nervously.

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is this a ferret



Pangolins are the most underrated(and unknown) animal. So. Freaking. Cute.

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Excepting the Fabled Torto…oh wait. That’s a real pangolin.

I had a hamster called Jerry once. He died of a heart attack.

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Angler fish always use to give me the creeps as a wee lass. Now I love their monsterous appearance.

Snaps fingers. Continues to think of an animal that Kitty will not love.

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Looks like a demon ate a nightmare ate a shark… I like it.