I hate f***in varkids. Somebody like to spawn vermi?

I’m lookin for some people around level 60 to farm vermivorous for get us some norfleets and stuff. Tried to spawn him solo over and over again for days now. He did spawn once and left me a lgndry Titan class mod for bezerker (58 & 60) So, playing as anxton. If anybody needs it, I’ll give it away… Got it twice.

I know hyperius is better for farming norfleets… But I just start in uvhm and oasis is untouched yet. If anybody invites me to farm him instead, I would be in of course.

Let me know :slight_smile:
-> jakobjewel

off topic but i tried this for weeks, straight. did not see her a single time, really abyssical low chance to spawn her.