I hate gearbox right now!

I recently started to play BL3 but i have not gotten any of my VIP rewards or even my early adopters prize! and no matter how many god damn things i try to do nothing wants to work and i cant even get my epic and shift accounts properly connected to one another and that annoyed me even more!

Yes i have and i have even tried to restart the game a couple times and nothing have appered

It’s weird but at the borderlands3.com website you couldnt link your epic account, only steam, at least it was this way before the game released. Instead you need to click edit shift profile which takes you to the shift page and link it there. Then check your rewards history.

Not even that god damn worked. instead im just slowly getting more and more annoyed that i spent all those VIP points for god damn air!. all i have gotten up until now were my super deluxe edition stuff

First, you need to take a breather. I know this can be frustrating experience but we will get you through it. Make sure you disable any ad-blocker you might have that might prevent you from linking your account.

Its still not working even if i turn off my ad-blocker. instead when i turned the ad-blocker off. i got logged off and had to log back in…and it still wasnt god damn connected. all it says is that this account is already connected to another account…which its not since i have never connected my epic account to anything before

Instead of type every time it’s not working. About you provide us with a details of how it’s not working. Any error message of any kind ? Please at least describe the behavior because “not working” doesn’t help anyone.

It dosent give me any error messages exept “This platform ID is associated with another account”

There you go. Did you have another SHIFT account by error ? Did you register with a different email ?


and no i havent cause i dont have any other shift account…but the weird thing is that my epic says that shift is connected

Yeah…i guess but its weird that epic says that its connected when shift dont

Ok try this. logout of your shift account when asked to sign-in use the EPIC sign in option. you will see which account you will get into

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this is my account and i have revoke the access and tried to redo the connection

…da fuk that worked…im confused

You are welcome. Told you we would get you through it.

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thanks. now i just hope i have my items

nope…i still dont have my items

It’s not automatic. Give it time. Now that your account is linked. in a few minutes, in Social, Mail section, you will see your stuff. You will see an mail notification icon on the top right of your screen.

thanks agian