I Hate Mantling

Title. I’m in Cathedral of the Twin Gods trying to get the Crimson Radio, and I’ve been throwing myself at this brick wall for nearly an hour because I’m on console, where I have to catch the pipe at the right angle at the right time so my character will half raise a hand, but still not catch the pipe. If I could make that jump, I could get the radio, but as it is, I just fall every time. But apparently it’s incredibly easy on PC, because every video I see online where they make it first try seems to be on PC. I frankly don’t get the obsession with the verticality when it results in me wanting to just go play another game because the devs apparently decided console players aren’t allowed to have all the Crimson Radio collectibles.


No, the only thing is that mantling is wierd in this game that’s all. You have to kind of aim your vision higher over the mantle instead of parrallel like most games with mantling. Its tricky and finicky, that’s all.


Such a ridiculous comment after I just finished reading your whining about Killavolt in the other thread.

The mantling is definitely more finicky than necessary on console, and this after countless hours of Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider etc.


I feel you. While I generally like mantling as it makes maneuvering around the battlefield faster and more natural, platforming in FPS is one of the cardinal sins of gaming, right next to unskippable cutscenes.
I don’t remember which tower this is specifically, but I’m going to count how many tries it takes me on PC.


another reason to hate those cultist. Why did they not put any ladder setting those crimson radios.


Between the mantling not being sticky enough, and the controller sensitivity being so high even with max dead zones that the character frequently drifts slightly to the left or right, platforming has been a bit of a nightmare at times. As annoying as it’s been, however, if I were playing on PC I’d still choose it over the awfulness of mouse and keyboard. Mind you, I’d also have proper calibration/setting tools for my controller to fix part of the problem without relying on game settings.

I don’t mind the mantling at all, in fact I rather enjoy the platforming puzzles on the radio towers, reminds me of Far Cry in a way. Have had no issues with mantle controls on console personally since changing my setting, might want to check your settings and make sure that you are on press button to mantle instead of push forward to mantle, it’s much harder with push forward.


Personally I like this new mechanic (tho I m bewildered by the terming…) as it adds something to the game. You run into a singular problem now and take that in order to judge the mechanic as a whole.

This is just your frustration speaking. I dont know how much harder “mantling” is on a console but I am aware that PC usually gives you more control and accuracy and STILL there are spots where I m ready to bite into my mouse from frustration. And I still dont damn the whole thing because usually all it takes is a few minutes of refinement and/or a different approach and I get past that problem too.

Really dont want to turn this into a PC vs Console discussion. Each platform has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Deciding for either one means you have to take the whole package.

I’m generally OK with the mantling on console. I think i remember the tower you’re referring to though, and if it’s the same one than yeah it’s a huge pain.

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Game discussion - yes.
Expressing frustration - ok.
Constructive suggestions - definitely.
Personal attacks on other users - absolutely not.

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Damn, were we a bit over the top there!? There’s no issue with consoles being future proof, had to laugh at that one. It’s one reason why I switched from PC to console as I was spending huge amounts of $$$ on video cards, power supplies, more RAM, and worst of all, managing drivers, software, etc. No thanks. But come on, your reply was a bit over the top.

So I agree. I’ve tabled one tower in eden-6 because the last mantle only results in my toon vaulting themselves over a beam and into the ravine. Not even sure there is a way to interrupt the vault. Jumping onto the pipe right after the first long jump to get there is almost not worth the trouble because it is ridiculously trollish.

Okay? I guess it’s not for everyone. I don’t even know how to respond to your managing drivers issue. If you can use a web browser to look something up you can definitely figure out how to keep your drivers and other software up to date, but that’s irrelevant.

My point was that there are performance limitations with a console, especially with that controller. I can’t imagine running around like a lunatic in this game while sliding, shooting and mantling all on 60fps. I didn’t say anything about consoles not being future proof. You’re always just going to get the same performance out of it for its entire life cycle, but I’m glad you laughed because laughter relieves stress.

Also, just because YOU switched to console because “pc was too hard” doesn’t mean that I’m wrong.

You have no issue, though, with the premise that “they decided console players aren’t allowed.”

That’s not a ridiculous statement to anyone. As if they had a meeting about it.

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I don’t know if you other console players have done it, but change the setting for mantling by pressing forward on the stick. I found it much easier.

Becayse they dont want us touching it…:c

I just spam the jump button

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I made this thread while I was royally PO’d at the game. I don’t actually think it was designed to not allow Console players to get it, but I had spent the better part of an hour trying and failing every time. I was not in a good mood.

That said, the title is mostly true. Not because of anything against mantling in particular, but because the presence of movement systems that include it generally means that there are going to be jumping puzzles, and I hate Jumping puzzles with a seething passion.

I’ll have to give the “Press X to Mantle” and “look above where you want to grab” things a try. As it was, I gave up after about another 15 minutes of failures and went to watch Netflix.

Understandable man, good luck

I love mantling.

edit: I hold down my jump button as I jump and usually I catch every mantling I attempt.