I Hate Mantling

That also works for me.

I’ve had times where I’ve jumped at an edge that can clearly be mantled, and I’ve mantled it before, but the game doesn’t care, and my character just looks at the edge as it passes by rather than actually mantling. It’s annoying.

Some games I can mantle well on (and yeah, where did the term mantle come from). The Sniper Elite series relies on this, and I’m good at that.
Some not so much, I’ve burnt way too much time in Horizon Zero Dawn trying to hop around unsuccessfully.
BL3 seems in the middle. Most of the time I can get there, some times I just give up. If it’s an optional thing I just move on, I haven’t found a mandatory mantle that has defeated me yet.

Rock climbing


I can appreciate that. To be honest my experience with PC’s for gaming is dated and I’m sure it’s gotten better with respect to which drivers should be installed/updated, etc. I’m also fairly certain hardware is way better now with respect to not being obsolete as fast as it seemed to be back when I was gaming on PC. To complicate matters back then I was overseas and had to use AAFES or wait until I came home for R&R to get any hardware upgrades I needed.

I switched to console when Halo was launched for the first time. It took me close to a month and a half to get used to the controller and I do realize it is inferior to the kybd/mouse. I’m too used to my setup now with the furniture, TV, etc., to go back to gaming on PC. At some point maybe, but not right now.