I hate master gee

everytime i try to fight master gee (i really want an ahab) i somehow get overrun by an acid pool, ive watched a ton of videos on how to kill gee, i follow those vids to the letter, kill the worm, get him to run directly over the pool, he absorbs it, it seems no matter what i do, i eventually have an immense acid pool i cant do anything about

I would suggest using longbow singularity grenades to get Gee in the center of the acid pool and the Big Boom Blaster shield for a source of grenade ammo

Edit: also try not to kill another worm until he absorbs the first acid pool

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yea, i know, i kill a worm, get him to run directly over it, it usually goes great until i kill his shield for the 2nd time, thats always when things go wrong

Which class are you using?

If you are on the 360 I can help you Monday when I get back in town

ive been using Sal, i usually kill around 6 of the worms and then just start running around avoiding stuff, a ton worms end up spawning and i die from an acid pool i didnt create by killing anything

i dont really want help, just want to understand why what im doing is failing when i pretty much do exactly what ive seen in videos

Six worms sound about right to break the shield, why there would still be acid on the floor if Gee absorbed the pools from every worm you killed - that is something I don’t know.

What I would recommend is to either use this method, or to continue killing worms and make Gee absord all of the pools. This may seem tedious, but that is how the fight is supposed to be done and the “Invincible” is part of the name for a reason I guess.

Things start to go wrong, because Gee and his worms’ damage output starts going up, as his health goes down. I think, no matter what character is fighting Gee solo, it is best to hide behind the rock and let the acid debuffs finish him off. Just make sure you get as many debuffs on him as you can before his shield goes down for good.

I hate to say it, but you are not making him absorb them all. You have to make sure the animation happens, some times he goes past it and not through it and doesn’t absorb it.

Yap! Happens all the time! I often have 2-3 pools going at the same time just because that ##%/!=& can’t behave himself like a gentleman and soak them all up like a good boy. My advice… Feed him a couple of pools so the area is cleared from all the acid. Hide behind the rock, and help yourself to a nice meal while he slowly dies. AFK ftw!

Whoever came up with the design of Master Gee should have their private parts dipped in that acid!

Yes, that’s another issue. What only absorbs the acid if he stays in it for a short while, so you can kite him across him several times without him absorbing it.

When I first killed Gee, I didn’t even use a singularity grenade. Depending on how big the pool grew, I would stand in the pool myself for 2-4 seconds, then move forward and Gee finished sucking it up. Despite this method being slower, in my recording, I managed to get Gee to absorb 7 pools before his health started going down. Then I ran like hell to hide behind the rock.

@Ronnie_Rayburn: The mechanics of the Gee fight are not actually the problem. The problem is that he has far too much health. Although, as a solo player, I don’t know how long it would’ve taken me to figure out the acid pool mechanics without a guide/walkthrough. Maybe if a group of 3 or 4 are fighting him for the first time, one of them is likely to figure out the acid pool mechanics. Then 2-3 of them can continue fighting Gee and the worms, while the Siren hides behind the rock and provides ranged revivals and team helth regen.

A boss that you can’t take out by shooting is a carwreck of a design. The health is an issue, but the shield is too. The health is at least theoretically possible to deplete by shooting, but the shield doesn’t even flinch when you shoot it. So you have too keep running… and running …and running, shoot a worm and… OMG! It’s more fun to watch paint dry! Gee isn’t hard to kill. He’s a boss that you don’t fight unless you have to, because he’s so incredibly boring. His drops are an embarrassment.

If that’s not a poorly designed boss, then I don’t know what is.

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@Ronnie_Rayburn Surprisingly, the one raid boss I went back to fight, and for a recording no less, was The Ancient Dragons Of Destruction. Which is highly ironic, because out of all the campaign DLCs, it is the raid boss I was dreading the most to solo xD .