I hate shuggaraths

So much HP in UVHM. So many needed (relative to how many available on map and frequency of encounter) for even tier 4 challenge for prestige reset.

Vehicle weapons so weak against them in uvhm. I have nothing more to say than I hate them, and detest needing this challenge (at least to tier 4)

I don’t exactly know why, but sometimes ramming them with a stingray insta-pops them. Usually it only works when they’re low on health, but sometimes they die anyway. Maybe you need to hit one of their eyes.

Otherwise, cryo+explosive as always

Doesn’t killing them on nvhm count towards prestige?

Cryo Excalibastard their eyes.


I’m sure you know this but Excalibastard means a guaranteed freeze upon crit.

Aside from that, Shugguraths are beautiful, elegant creatures!

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Equip the Excalibastard, then get into a vehicle, and shoot their critical spots - the freeze on crit transfers to the vehicle weapons.

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How exactly do you fire a non vehicle weapon from a vehicle?

That sounds cool!

EDIT: Derp! Must read more carefully!

Oh wait, i understand!

That’s awesome!

It does, but you get only get around 10-20 per run and they also spawn very slowly.

I feel the pain for the challenge dude. I created a thread about it and some of the other inane (and insane!) challenges a few months back.

As for the vehicles, equip an Excalibastard and have it on hand, get a rocket pod vehicle, use the gun to score a crit and explode the Shuggarath with rockets.


Do you have a link to that crazy challenge thread?

Id love to check it out!

I can probably dig it up. They aren’t personal challenges I made up, it’s just the ones that I feel are WAY too difficult (by difficult I mostly mean time consuming or just don’t make sense) and should be avoided when trying to prestige. I’ll edit this post if I find it.

Found it. Crouch Potato, Prestige, and You!

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