I hate slot machine and we need something better for manage our money

I hate slot machine. but everytime is my money over 10 mil . I must sitting duck on it and slot it for turn it to eridium and if jackpop i will got legend skill scroll. but honesty . I stil use purple grade scroll . I got 4 Legend scroll from slot and its all is really a worse stat .

this post i ask vending machine sell 2 mil each weapon . purple grade… good stat … anoid …
or earl selling eridum . or tanis sell super grade skill scroll or anoid shield at 2 mil each or more .

i feel waste . if i die or reskill i lost 1 mil each time. during i am just newbie in this game. i really open every single box in my path is i pass for a money . I know how hard to get money . even
at this time and at my lvl . it easy to get from play couz lvl scale up and i got a lot of money
per a hour but i still don’t wanna paid 1mil each per reskill or die anyway .


I just wish slot machines could be set to get rid of the spin animation and immediately dump on the ground. Make it similar to Diablo 3 gambling where you can dump all your currency quickly, instead of the very slow version of the same mechanic in slot machines.


this would be so helpful. sooooo helpful

Diablo 3 has gambling?

You can trade your shards for gear.

Oh, the blood sugars thing. I thought you were talking about a slot machine type thing. Lol

That’s basically exactly what it is, except you don’t see any graphic visuals. Everytime you spend the shards, you’re getting a piece of gear blue, yellow, orange, or green.

It’s fast and Borderlands 3 needs something equally fast for gambling. The slot machines are funny and all, but they’re a very inefficient way to get gear.

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I agree 100%. I have no patience for the slots and I don’t play them. I hope they fix this and make it like in D3.

Yeah but that’s blood shards only, not money and it’s not gambling, your buying a random specific type of gear. Legs, arms, weapon, etc…
Hell, is been a minute but you couldn’t even hold that many of them.

I get it, you just want to get rid of the animation and make things more efficient. I’m with you on that.