I hate the collision system in this game!

Why do i have to get stuck by my own teamates when im trying to escape an enemy in the arena? Also, when im playing with benedict, for exemple, my rockets hit my friends that get in front of then instead of hitting the enemies… it’s specially frustrating because its already hard to hit with those rockets, and when there’s too many players in a small space i can’t help my friends for this reason. --"


its a pain with no dodge button to allow you to pass through (deande comes closest). but the trade off with benedict is his rocket splash damage doesnt self wound, while the collision promotes aerial play. kleese is like a roadblock. id like to hear gbx take on it, for they removed collision with your minions but keep it with enemies. i’d guess it’s due to being an fps with a large number of melee characters


It was just an exemple, i had a bad experience trying to hit enemies in close combat with friends with him. But with toby’s mine too… is this really necessary? Cause most fps u can get through your friends and it’s cool. the doors are not that wide open and people die a lot trying to escape, in a TPS game maybe it would be more fair, but i don’t see the point in this game. I think it’s ok to collide with enemies…friends that i don’t get.

They want you to be in the air with Benedict. Honestly though until level 7 his rocket splash range is garbage and actually counters be in the air due to travel times on the rockets. Thankfully you can make up for this by having 70% reload speed by lvl 3.

It’s not specific to one hero, the collison in this game is awful. It’s bad for pve where people block attacks, block you in to die and where clipping can really stuff up your movement.

In PvP it’s beyond terrible especially in some areas or fights. Friendly collison should definitely always be off. It also often feels like collison is based on huge square boxes rather than actual models too.

I mean in the mission where you resort the big spider robot you can get stuck behind it, enemies run in to melee it and you sometimes can’t damage them through the robots legs. Not game breaking but effects quality of life considerably. I can see how it would effect team make up, you often don’t want to compete with other melee.


The biggest problem with removing friendly collision is the difference in the size of the character models. If you think Mikotana is annoying now, imagine how bad it would be if Miko could literally hide inside Montana to be nearly impervious to damage in all but a few spots.


Yup, or simply hiding behind them and shooting through, or ducking through them to get away.

Yeah, the collision is insane, with both teammates AND terrain. I decided to try out Attikus yesterday, and while he was fun he was also a pain in the ass. He’s so much broader than the camera let’s you know, so his shoulders get stuck on all kinds of things, and rather than have you slide off in a logical direction you get completely stuck.

Projectiles are horrible, too. The grinders in Meltdown even have invisible forcefields that block projectiles that should travel by them. It’s especially noticeable when trying to shoot accelerators from top middle.

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I hate the collision too. Just makes me curse my team mates and that’s not what I wanna do. I’ve never played another game where collision was this noticeable.

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Yeah, one of the reasons I’ve seen a lot of reviews calling the gameplay ‘clumsy’ and ‘chunky’. There are certain bigger characters who can’t reach a certain chest in ‘The Algorithm’ as it’s underneath a platform with only a limited amount of space to get to it. They have to sort of backdoor into it by falling down just right from above.

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I don’t agrees, I prefer Friendly collision ON.
That prevent bad positionnin

there are pros and cons…but i there are more pros in removing it

There might be more pros, but the fact that a potentially uncounterable situation is brought up (I have to knock away the Montana to get to Miko and I have to knock away the melee to keep my team safe) where a loss-loss situation is created for the other team means that such a change can’t really be implemented fairly.

i don’t agree with you… it’s better to nerf some characters than have a game with space issues imo the battles concentrate in corridor areas, you can’t escape from that. It’s much more frustrating…all the games that have healers and tankers aer working ok with that. And i find very hardto believe that some players will play as miko and stay “inside” montana… works on overwatch though. And man… sometimes when i use mines with toby they get stuck in some part of the ground or in a friend passing by my god it sucks

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Look at it this way: You’re asking for a quality of life improvement, which is entirely justified. I get annoyed when an ally walks in front of my sticky grenade and blocks it. However, removing ally collision gives definite gameplay advantages that offer extremely little counterplay. Sticking with the previous example, having Miko inside Montana renders both of them much harder to kill and in general makes Montana a much better character since he can now just 100% protect most other characters. All of the advice about, “oh just flank them, kill Miko fist” literally doesn’t work when Miko’s inside his big buddy since it’s nearly impossible to hit Miko first, removing a whole bunch of counterplay from an already annoying strategy and making the game a lot more frustrating as a whole. People will abuse any strategy they can get their hands on, just look at how popular Marquis was in Incursion a while back. I can’t even imagine the horror of a Marquis + tank strategy where Marquis can just stand inside of a tank and be more or less invulnerable until the tank dies.

Theoretically if there was no collision b/w allies you could stand inside a tank a deal DPS using them as a shield.

Montana + Phoebe could be like a birthday cake with a stripper inside, only this case an assassin inside a tank.

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I’ve been trapped by my own sentry standing on me before in incursion, damn spider bots.

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I hate collision system in real life. There are no ways to minimize its effects. I can barely get to work nowadays because of that.

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The collision on enemies seems messed up as well. When three enemies pinball you around until your dead and there’s nothing you can do about it. What is that?

All this talk about Miko being able to hide inside Montana, I don’t get. I’ve played plenty of games without friendly collision and I can’t just stand inside another character, but I also don’t bounce off them either. Maybe they could just tone down the collision mechanics instead of taking them out completely. Make the boxes smaller, cone shaped or something.

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good suggestion!