I hate the Graveward vault monster fight

After what seemed like an eternity of holding in the right trigger and being glad I had a pistol with infinite ammo, I just about had it down to 1/3 of its bar. Then it did that thing where it tilts the stage only this time nothing I did could defeat the might of gravity, so I got to start all over with the tedious bullet sponge.


The only holes I saw were the deadly kind. In my second go I hugged the left side and bunny hopped every time he tilted. I won, but it still took a loathsome eternity and infinity+1 bullets. Sisyphus would’ve said “screw this, get me back to my boulder.”


so you say you didn’t use the holy grenade to defeat graveward? are you a wizard?


The infinity pistol (as it’s always been) is terrible. That was probably your biggest obstacle.


I wasn’t using the Infinity Pistol. I think it’s called the Extreme Hanging Chadd. Out of all the weapons I had, it was putting out the most consistent DPS with the added benefit of actually having enough ammo for the fight. None of my other weapons had the necessary infinity+1 bullets.

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Are you are referring to the Porcelain Pipe Bomb grenade mod? Graveward is a cake walk if you just spam that into his face. Hell, it’s an easy way to farm him on Mayhem 3.

But yeah, the first time I beat Graveward, I didn’t have that grenade mod, or do the mission which gives it out (Raiders of the Lost Rocks). I’m no wizard, just a gunner with a Torgue pistol.


The “Graveward” is one of the easy bosses to beat, 8 pipe bombs with a awesome shield and mod, he’s down for the count with just 8 Porcelain Pipe Bombs when in Mayhem 3. SpiderTeo in you feed here is correct, this boss is a cake walk compared to the others. Easy farm location, Radioactive shield, PPB grenade, 12.67 luck arti and 88 damage boost mod, the “Graveward” is down in less than 3 minutes after you drop in. You just need to find that sweet spot and his a goner. If you ever want to see this in action, just join me on Xbox One, my tag is “WouterHawk”.

Have fun!

Hi jgartenbenz The Porcelin Pipe Bomb is your friend for this fight, just saying lol, if you have no objections to cheesing him

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I did, in fact, throw my entire allotment of grenades. I did, in fact, have the pipe bomb. He didn’t seem to care. Given all the radiation damage he was dishing out, I assumed he was resistant. But I wasn’t a Moze bomber what bombs at Mozenight, either; just a Fl4k doggedly going down the Master tree until I get the capstone and then probably finally allow disappointment to goad me into respeccing into the Stalker/Hunter build I planned when the skill tree was unveiled.

it is by far the easiest vault boss, hello? any decent hitscan fire weapon will kill him let alone lyuda or king’s call

I’m sure there are numerous legendaries I don’t have that might make the fight easier. As I don’t have them, they are irrelevant. In my current playthrough I took down the Rampager (Ravager?) far quicker, though its damage output was more dangerous. The Graveward couldn’t kill me with damage, so as long as I didn’t get dumped off the stage it was just a matter of shooting it for like 20 minutes.


mate game does not have to feed you the kills. you are fighting a giant tree and i assume you are in a normal mode. so what is it weak to? FIRE damage that is right, now if you spend a bit of time at marcus’s vendor on sanctuary or at earls vendor if you have eridium, you will be able to find many weapons that will take him down effectively (talking about green to purple rarity guns)

  1. vladof snipers with fire damage try to get one with bigger mag or fast reload.
    2.hyperion shotguns with fire element, they are hitscan and put out decent dps.
    3.vladof pistols with fire element (25% fire rate boost underbarrel is preferable)
    4.vladof/dahl AR’s and SMG’s there dps monsters with fire element will deal with graveward quite nicely.
    5.dahl snipers with burts mode can put down some hurt
  2. maliwan shotguns with fire element (they are not hitscan, but if you find one with decent firing pattern and charge time it will do work.
    7.torgue AR or shotty with fire element, use sticky projectiles if you land them on the crit then the explosions will also crit.

i dno man it is literally so easy i am at the loss for words, it is not like you quote on quote need fire dmg, kinetic or radiation dmg will suffice as well.

well, the king’s call drops way later in the game to be fair, but fire weapons do kill him pretty easily next to the mighty holy grenade

anything will kill him in the normal mode as long as it is radiation kinetic or fire

some dude already completed BL3 with only common gear and no skill points… no skill points lol. he literally just beat the game with only white stuff without using his action skills let alone skillpoints. and here are people complaining about very basic boss fights. one thing i am glad for is that whatever we write here nobody in gearbox read, good feed back or bad it won’t make the difference.

The pistol I was using IS fire. The damage has been comparable enough to other auto pistols on level that it hasn’t outweighed the unlimited ammo aspect. It took thousands of shots. I know it took multiple thousands because the gun’s break point is 999 shots and even though I was trying to manage heat it broke numerous times during the fight.

I nearly ran out my SMG ammo with the Cloudkill I had on hand. My assortment of Jakobs weapons might’ve done more DPS, but they’d also DPS my index finger off my hand. Full auto was needed for the drawn out fight.

have you been shooting the yellow orbs in his hands or the yellow opening in in his upper body?

Fought him for the first time last night with no particularly special gear. Total bullet sponge, took at least 20 minutes and I barely scraped by a couple times but I just kept firing away at the crit spots. Not big on farming during initial play-throughs but I may need to look for some better gear before continuing on.


I do, in fact, know what a Critical is. Indeed, I briefly pulled out my Monocle for the bonus crit damage, but it proved inefficient for anything that doesn’t die before it needs reloading.

I don’t know why people are being so condescending on this post. I guess this is what happens when a new game launches sigh

This is by far my least favourite boss in the game, it’s just a big immobile bullet sponge that can’t even kill you. Even its adds aren’t dangerous. It has very slow and weak attacks, and a stupid amount of health. I can’t believe people are still saying that Killavolt is poorly designed when this obnoxious mass of polygons and hit points exists.

Sure, you can throw a bugged grenade at him and if you hit the sweet spot get an instakill. Does this make the boss any “easier”? No, this is an exploit that we’re all aware of and is irrelevant in the discussion of this particular enemy. This is poor design. He’s not difficult, he’s time consuming and monotonous to fight.

Suggestions for character specific endgame builds are not at all productive here, either.


Easy with fl4k

I dodge the acid balls hit his chest with crits.

He slams his left hand down, shoot the hand for more crits.

This brings him down a quarter health allowing you to crit his eyes when he slams onto plate with his head.

Crit fl4k with a king or queens will melt him super fast. No need for fade away.

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