I hate the Graveward vault monster fight

I assume you’ve beaten him since you’ve posted.
For those who are about to beat him or still having trouble: yes, this boss is a bit of a bullet sponge. Having guns at exactly your level helps.
Yes, the arena does have a unique mechanic that may catch you off guard the first time. Don’t be discouraged. It’s heavily telegraphed and you have plenty of time to react as long as you stay in the middle of the arena.
My best suggestion is having a gun with a high rate of fire. Ammo likely wont be an issue, but you will want 2 different class of guns, just in case. He has a lot of critical hit points, some of which are clustered together and the orbs on hands are a big enough target that recoil shouldn’t be a problem.


I find the fight more tedious then hard. Granted I am using Moze with shield and demo build

its patched now i believe. no more exploding poop

Cannot agree more. The point isn’t that it’s a hard boss. The point is that the boss is a bullet sponge and he’s boring. But heaven help you if you make one mistake. After losing to him the first time I didn’t want to fight him a second time because I didn’t feel like going into a fight that tediously long. His moves are super easy to dodge but if you make one mistake you have to start all over again and it takes forever+ there’s no challenge to keep you interested.

Before anyone starts my guns were more than decent and I was hitting his critical spots quite accurately (all of them). Still takes forever.

Final point here. Can we all stop acting like people are doing something wrong because they didn’t know about one very specific grenade mod? The game hasn’t been out that long, some of us haven’t heard and missed the mod, it’s a side mission one that’s easily missed. Also the value of the mod can be easily overlooked. It doesn’t make us stupid and it doesn’t mean the boss’s design is any less poor.


Ok… so there was never a moment in that boss fight where I was in danger of dying. Even when get smack right in the face by the monster.

Its poorly designed fight. Its less a battle and more like waiting for a timer to end, except the timer only moves when you hold the trigger.

Yes, enemies in an RPG shooter can be a little spongey… but there are serious issues when you can just tank the boss without much thought.

Compare this to killa volt… At least that boss requires some additional player input other than shooting (and that boss sucked too).

The bosses in the game are a big let-down.


Yeah I know ForgedPatriarch

It doesn’t affect me though, because I refuse to go online or download patches that “fix” (read nerf/destroy things) unless it is beneficial to me)
I intend to keep farming Graveward, and others, with the Pipe Bomb so I can get all the xp, and gear I need for all my characters, without worrying about “nerfs” to my game that gimp me lol

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The Bosses in this game are what nearly made me shelve this game for good and go back to Borderlands 2 instead. They are all pathetic and over powered bullet sponges that have insane attacks that down you so easily.

Never EVER did I come across any boss in BL2, especially one that is part of the story line where I was afraid of bumping into, or wished I could avoid, or that blocked my progression.
Borderlands 3 on the other hand not only does so, but it does so very frequently…If you want my opinion, all the bosses in BL3 are a pathetic joke, not fun to play at all, and are a real barrier to progress and enjoyment of this game for many many players, not just me

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I never thought they were in my way. Just a silly obstacle that took more time than they were worth.


Troy was the only difficult one for me, there was a trick I had to learn for Katagawa Ball, Killavolt wasn’t that hard but had that one garbage move I found unfair, and Graveward was long, boring, and un-fun. Everything else was super easy. I don’t understand the people who felt the game was overly hard but that’s just me. I do agree that most of the bosses are let downs though.

Dude graveward is so easy hell I farm it on (spoilers) mayhem tier 3 solo with just a revolver…tilting stage easy suggestions 1. As someone already mentioned jump into the potholes on the platform or 2. (My favourite) just look to the left side of the tilted platform and spam X/A depending on your console of choice…you can’t get rolled off the map…graveward is really easy…and all of it’s attacks are super predictable so yeah…-rolls my eyes- noobie mistake is to just let it roll you off the map…

Yeah, and it wouldn’t have bothered me if it hadn’t taken so much time. I beat it before I vented here. I wasn’t saying it’s too hard, just bloody tedious and awful.

So far the only boss fight I’ve found ridiculously hard was the side quest where the giant saurian fights the giant jabber. I couldn’t even enter the arena for that without getting one shotted.


I beat it with the Jakobs rifle from a story quest and a green Maliwan pistol I think.

The accurate rifle was savage against all the weakspots it has. The Maliwan pistol had Incendiary or Radiation.

I think what’s frustrating players is constantly dying to what seems like BS. But if you take the time to study what’s going on you’ll see the patterns, the safe zones for each attack.

You can dodge the giant balls, no need to jump in the pit, just sidestep.

Dont spam jump when the floor tilts, jump and tap jump as soon as you land again.

Multiple weakspots means there’s always a place exposed to bang bang at.

Wait til you get to the Pain and Terror boss, it feels like total BS until you pay attention to where the floor fire will sprout, when to duck to avoid decapitation, etc.

I’m heading towards Penn and Teller parody right now and I refuse to have my amusement pre-destroyed!

I was about to say pretty much what you typed, back before I had the ability to kill him moderately quickly he was just a boring stand your ground ignore his adds don’t bother to dodge anything fight mixed with hopping even in m3.

Fight never made sense to me, the only danger is falling off so just stay in the center and control your fall when you get launched by the acid balls you can’t be bothered to dodge anymore and if you do miraculously get downed there’s a bunch of adds around that again you couldn’t be bothered to kill earlier.

Troy on m3 once you hit about 45k life/shield you can face tank his jump attack/combo providing you have regen/lifesteal or just go the opposite way and nuke him, I’m old though and sometimes I want to kill bosses with a cup in one hand.

the holes are only dangerous in his fire beam phase. otherwise they are fine.

The glowing bulbs on his hands/wrists are his major crit spots. Hit them when they are exposed and stuck into the wall. And his eyes when he’s “down” for several seconds.

Also the lobbed blobs in boss fights drop ammo and heals if you destroy them. Just not the fire orbs the final boss casts from afar (with the rotating laser beam thing)

Pain and terrors boss battle with the agonizer 9000 was easy…even on TVH mode and mayhem 3 it’s a snoozefest

Yes he is nothing but a Bullet Sponge, and if you take a hard hit… it is hard to recover… Absolute BS IMO. I fully understand anyone using the pipe bomb on this mob… But alas that is not a thing anymore.

I have beat him both way’s, and although it can be done it is a tiring easy to make a mistake Boss ( EDIT >>especially if you are just using default weapons, and not some ungodly Legendary ). I am sure many controller user’s will be buying a new controller soon because of the radical movements that you have to do when fighting many of these bosses.

I love the game, but building multiple characters is troubling when so much time and effort, and money loss is inevitable with these bosses. ( and a large supply of bullets is a must on many of them, so you need you money to expand this bullet supply )

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I’m sure everything is a snoozefest later on when you’re one-shotting bosses or whatever. I don’t play games that way though, it keeps them exciting for me.

Who wants to spend 60 to 100 bucks on a game just to be bored after 5 days, and then complain on game’s forums for the rest of its lifetime? What a horrifying thought!

It felt like total BS regardless. The swinging blade was okay to dodge. But much of the time I couldn’t move fast enough to get off the fire floor before ignition, and in case I was gonna a wall would suddenly pop up and stall me just long enough to burn. And it took too much damage to whittle down. I feel like a number of these boss fights are balanced around multiple players and they don’t scale down for solo.

But it was more amusing than the Graveward fight. Even if my pet was dead and I spent much of the battle in FFYL.

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For that attack where he lights up most of the floor tiles, running away isn’t the best plan.
Just stop and wait, when the tile before you has just erupted run into it. The fire won’t turn around and start igniting the floor in the opposite direction, and you can avoid all fire damage with good timing