I hate the Graveward vault monster fight

?! This boss is the greatest pushoever I’ve seen. 3 random Annointed, on the other hand, that would be tough.

its a dumb fight. boss designs arent great in borderlands, generally speaking.

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Do not insult others, talk about the game and not each other

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I hear you! First time with every boss, minus shiv, was a nightmare for me my first time. I did the same thing with the Chad gun the first time and it took foreeeeevvvveeerrr. Plus, I always ended up in ffyl at some point trying to find the nearest thing to second wind off of. Or almost, and actually, falling off the platform cause I didn’t know about the holes. But, the second time wasn’t nearly as bad. I dunno if it was because it was a different character, or better gear, or what. But, that first time…ugh!!!

Tried farming him for the Earworm last night and it was a total pain. Maybe it’s cos I’m playing Zane but he takes ages to kill. Katagawa I can deal with in a minute and it’s a pretty easy fight regardless of what modifiers mayhems gives, but Graveward… it’s a grind and I hate it. Killed him 10 times and still didn’t get the drop I wanted. Ugh.
Any other Zane players have tips for taking him out quick?

I just defeated Graveward last night in my first play through. I will agree that this fight seemed to be a bit too long. Once you figure out the attack pattern, the fight is trivial, but long.

I did the fight with a Hyperion sub machine gun (no elemental) for the accuracy to hit the criteria in the “chest”.

Here are my tips…

  1. Learn the patterns. Over half of the map is safe during each attack. Even the “beam” attack that he has can be avoided (that one took me the longest to figure out because the effects in the screen messed me up).

  2. The tilting of the ground attack starts all of the patterns in #1. The hole on your left is 100% safe even from the boulders. Jump out of the hole right after the boulders pass you.

  3. Make sure you have a weapon with a big clip. When he slams his left hand down (holding the globe thing) to your right, you want to light up the easy critical hits. You don’t want to waste time with a reload in the middle of it.

  4. Kill the trash mobs since they always drop ammo. Moving around the map to get to the next safe area means you shouldn’t have ammo problems (unless you have a super bullet hose).

For my kill last night, I think I spent 75% of my time doing the first 25% of the damage. I look forward to doing it again tonight.

Edit: siren character

I finally got to the Graveward Vault Monster. I think they MUST have nerfed it, or I was overleveled or something. I was level 32 (still on normal mode). I fell off the first two times the ground tilted before I figured out the hole was the best place to be, but I took the right hand hole.

I was running Flak, and although I had the pipe bomb, I was using a transfusion grenade mod. Also, I had my spiderant. The spiderant mostly handled the little guys running around, and the rest couldn’t reach me in the hole. I only killed a couple of them before I started ignoring them.

Also, strangely, although I was worried about his fire and acid attacks, as long as I moved back, even if I was hit by fire or acid, it really didn’t seem to do much damage (possibly because I have Flak skilled for mostly health regen). My main weapon was a shotgun (epic), that although it didn’t say anything in the description, when it hit, it would set off little explosions.

My main advice:

  1. Hide in a hole.
  2. Ignore the little guys and save them for second wind
  3. During acid or fire, move back
  4. For boulders, move forward and the lip of the hole (in the right hand anyway) will protect you
  5. Make sure you have good weapons and good shield going in
  6. Aim for the crit points: the crest on his head, and the yellow globe on each arm when he strikes.

As someone else said, the first 25% seems to take forever, but then his health goes down fast.

But again, my experience may be different, not only because I’m using Flak, and because of my build and weapons, but there may have been a nerf I don’t know about.

Once I got my strategy straight, I found him pretty easy, though it is a fairly long fight to knock the health down.

Try with weapons that have 80+ accuracy and when shooting him only aim for any of the yellow dots. Any hit on any yellow dot is a crit. Ideally the yellow dot in it’s chest is what you should be going for, other than that, one of the 3 yellow dots in his head.

His AoE attacks also only affect a section of the platform with a visible line. Probably the easiest to see is the rear one, if you walk forward over the line all radiation damage stops and you can see clearly again.

They lowered his health (20% IIRC) and raised the damage of his lasers. I’ve found it less tedious.

I’m level 50 now but by no means ‘melt’ Graveward with either Moze or Fl4k yet - just haven’t found the gear for it. I don’t mind that the fight takes longer, but spawning non-stop Badass Poisonous Grogs is ridiculous. They chase you around, range attack you with poison so your shield won’t recharge, and are way too tough for second winds. Even if I focus-fire on them it takes forever to kill them, and 2-3 more just spawn again anyways. Ugh.

Fought graveward on Mayhem 1 with my hard-ass hitting Amara.

Dumb mistake for me to make, was when he was down, I moved in for the serious damage punching strikes…kept going a little too much.

then I went to punch and found my char closing the distance to make the strike.

Graveward had moved

Nothing below me but dust…


With Moze I use the Butcher shotgun for Graveward. Incendiary is best, but normal bullets version works well too. With the right modifiers, I can melt him in less than a minute on Mayhem 3.

Here’s my set-up:

Best of luck!

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Zer0 target of opportunity quest and farm fire Lyuda with good magazine and Mind Sweeper class mod, try to obtain these 2 items and you won’t even see green minions

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With Fl4k use a Jacobs for max crit damage. I was lucky enough to find a Roland’s Call and that was pretty much over for him. But if you’re L50 Fl4k you should be getting crits all over the place so anything that does extra crit damage should make the fight pretty easy.

I find the Grogs heavily dictated by RNG. Sometimes they swarm and sometimes Graveyard doesn’t spawn a single one. Graveyard’s own attacks should be easy to dodge tbh as he’s quite slow overall

I play as FL4K and do not have him spec’d out for anything inparticular and I do not have a bunch of the best legendary weapons/gear. But there is a weapon I favor at this point and its not even a legendary. L0V3M4CH1N3. I got this at like level 45 and it still is my go to for taking down most enemies and bosses. I need to go back and get a new one at level 50. I want to say you get it from the Dance Baby Side Mission.


My build for Moze is all legendaries except for the Love Machine. Best purple in the game. Did another play through just to get it lvl 50!

Yeah, I am thinking I need to go run that side mission in TVHM so I can have a LVL50 version. Keeping both though…best SMG I have found in BL3.

My only other non legendary is the Porcelain Pipe Bomb. They may have nerf’d it…but it is still an impressive grenade.

yep it has to have a pretty lethal anoint to be good, i found one that had 250% weapon damage after phase cast, was like great. then found it was crap after a few runs.