I hate the update system

I keep getting these notifications to exit to the main menu for an update, but there’s no update button to press, there’s no progress bar. Nothing to show that any update is happening, or how long it will take to update, etc.

Why couldn’t it just update through the epic games store app with a progress bar to show how long the update will take? Would that really be so difficult?

Or if you want to do it through the menu, put a button or tab or progress bar. PUT SOMETHING!

It’s annoying to keep getting these notices without any idea what I’m supposed to do or how long I’m supposed to wait on the menu screen.


The “update” isn’t applied through Epic store because it isn’t a patch. It is a hotfix which is basically a tempory file that installs when the game connects to the net and deletes itself when the game is closed.

Just sit on the menu screen for a minute and you should be good to go. However I agree it would be nice if something on the main menu told us if the hotfixes are active.