I hate to ask, but

Would anyone be willing to help me get my Krieg to 61?

On ps3 I played Borderlands 2 and got quite far, sadly I lost all saves on my ps3. The reason I got a ps4 was actually because my ps3 became corrupt and all saves on it were wiped, if it hadn’t I probably would still be playing bl2 on ps3 and wouldn’t have bothered getting a ps4.

So, would anyone be willing to get me to 61? He’s at 40 right now, so it shouldn’t take long. I have a 61 bee I could give and a pandenic grenade mod. Thanks.



I’ll help message me on psn UnDeRwOrLdKiNg91

I only need two more levels, anyone?

Could anyone powerlevel me,I am lvl 16 and will take what I can get


Please, start your own thread, rather than necro-bump someone else’s.