I hate to ask for nerfs but.. Amara indiscriminate does more damage with mayhem lvl? Why?! Too much

Literally as you raise mayhem the same damage becomes insane

Richochets dealing more than the original shot. Beyondddd normal.

Its a little rediculous how much double dipping it already does but with mayhem scaling…at m10

U could probably insta kill bosses richochet’n trash.

She was already godmode pre scaling and yes i believe action skills deserve that damage increase but everything? Is a lil stupid

I mean is moze’s fire reload scaling 7x more zanes trick of the light? Flaks uhh… Stuff!

Wt hell!


Moze’s Fire in the Skag Den and short fuse do…

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honestly its pretty broken LOL i wouldnt mind adjustments


Ur right but its so much damage with Amara a 1 million shot can have multiple i dunno. A buncha. 10 million shots. And then some.with double crit on some weapons. I mean moze feels good superb for the first time in awhile.

Amara been hit the dmg cap.pre scaling.

Now its just broken 100ms everywhere so.mucj dmg no number shows…remnants that can probably kill 5 gravewardens

Yes, its great! Why not try to master Amara and enjoy the power instead of wobbling your bottom lip? :wink:


Not enough. Needs more damage.


Honestly I’m enjoying the game more now with all these op synergies than before.
It’s ridiculous damage numbers flying everywhere but it’s fun.


I’m not sure if it’s intentional. There’s a few things that are currently double dipping the Mayhem scaling even though they are not supposed to. I guess we can just wait and see what gets changed today.


Yeah it’s pretty ridiculous. The game has 12 difficulty levels and we’re at a point now where enemies have +10,000% HP and the game is easier than it’s ever been. Just let that sink.

Now it’s great that action skills like Slam, Cast and Fist over Matter are increased so they’re usable again. But what Gearbox doesn’t seem to understand is that skills whose damage isn’t based on a low base damage like those – instead passing on the damage you dealt to another target, like TTB, Remnant or Indiscriminate – shouldn’t be scaled at all, because their “base damage” is already increased by your build and gear. This also applies to the other VH’s by the way.

Well, in some cases like Indiscriminate and Fire in the Skag Den it’s difficult to understand why they’re action skill damage in the first place. It’s all over the place. Their “balancing” is only ever done by multplying some values, next time multiplying other values to “fix” what the previous patch broke, and repeat. Partially because they’re afraid of the “NERFED!!” backlash if they ever reduce some values that actually need reducing, so they just increase some others.

Their “balancing” is like repairing a chair with a sledgehammer and I’m afraid of what they’ll do next. And then they break something else (enemies have M10 weapons now, but non-gun enemies still do M0 damage) and they just say “maybe we’ll just keep that”. What’s next? M10 shields and +30,000% enemy HP? I… sigh.


How about we focus on more important problems thats been around since launch than things that give us enjoyment from a aggravating game especially on console. It feels good using her with weapons i happen to just run up on and able to put them to use. God for bid i try to farm for a particular meta weapon right now…its a total joke! Feels like compensation to me.


This is the borderlands 3 forum, we don’t like fun here!


This is Amara we’re talking about here, would it really kill the “fun” if double dipping was fixed? It’s not as if Indiscriminate was weak before phase 2…


Hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix… Wait, the grass is always greener on… What am I trying to say? Who cares?? I’m a siren main!!


In the way BL3 is setup, you can’t have build diversity AND M10 not be easy. At least not without backlash from the community about nerfs. I’m all for nerfing specifics to bring back some sense of challenge. I do think we are close, though. M10 may feel a bit easier than the old M4, but it’s fairly on par. I can’t do a speed run on M10 in the MTD as fast as I did in M4 (no skips and no glitches). That is thanks to the modifiers. I’m really interested in seeing what comes out today!

It is being addressed to a certain amount today. They will be limiting ricochet projectiles to 4 ricochets. This may be more to retune the projectile recursion though.

I used my wifes to insta kill katagawa and everything with more than one enemy instantly still.

Shes only gotten.more.rediculous. double.crit dip double elemental scaling dip and then x7 mayhem

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You’ve become the wife, she’s da man now!


This is why I still haven’t told anyone about my secret amara build🤫

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buff amara pls.

gbox possibly change some coding as billion damage can be seen now.


1020 million… this ■■■■ is ridiculous