I hate to break it to you gearbox, but you didn't finish retconning it

“Considering our own technology was reverse engineered from the wreck of the Khar-Toba”.


Oh for sure, they did miss that spot, and they also didn’t remove the lines in the Kadesh missions stating that the Kadeshi hyperdrive signature is identical to their own because both were reverse engineered from the same tech.

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They didn’t do any retconning within Homeworld 1. Even the “Revised Technical and Historical Briefing” in the CE still says that the Mothership’s hyperdrive module is a scaled up copy of the Khar-Toba’s hyperdrive.

In a few passages it says it’s a ‘refurbished’ core from khar-toba, in others it still says it’s a copy.

I always found it kinda embarassing the original writers had to retcon their own game while writing its direct sequel.

Isn’t that something you do when you’re making the 5th or 6th game and starting to get written into a corner?

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Really is a shame when a produer (Sierra/Vivendi) interferes so much in a project it suffers identity crises like that. It’s also a shame BBI can’t re-write Homeworld 2 to be what it should be, but that’s basically making a new game, not remastering an existing game.

The people credited as writer for HW1 were not there for HW2, though I of course have no idea how much input the rest of the creative team had on their efforts for HW1. They produced HWC and then moved on.