I hate to do this... but Diablo 3

Yes yes, people hate comparasions to THAT game, but I am not going to compare the end games for both games… rather the Developer communications.

Since M2.0 came out I’ve taken a break from BL3 and hope things go back to the way they were after a few patches (yeah… its gonna take more than one patch and that’s being optimistic), but in the meantime I started playing Diablo 3 again, started a new Season.

Before that though I had to look online at all the prior Season and Patch notes that came out since I stopped playing. There were like 4 patches, but what really struck me is how detailed and thorough the developer patch notes were!!!

They actually SPEAK to the player base, give the reasoning behind any balance changes they made, what the intention is, and actually thank the player base for their input. I completely forgot about the PBR test servers that had changes active only for a small community of expert players, and how if those changes were thoroughly tested would then get rolled out to the general servers.

I remembered how I LOVED reading those notes for each patch, how it was so nice to see the developer’s thought process behind any changes, and even though I would often disagree with the changes being made, at least I would know WHY they did it and what their INTENTION was.

With BL3… I mean just LOOK at all the questions we have. Like right off the top of my head, what he hell was the point of all those weapon and Iron Bear buffs that took place litearlly 2 WEEKS before M2.0… only for them to become totally worthless as soon as M2.0 was introduced. What was the thought process, if ANY , was behind that?

What is their intention with legacy legendary weapons and in fact 99% of the gear in the game that is not locked behind M6? Will they slowly be replaced by clone versions (i.e Plaguebearer replacing Scourge, etc)? I mean, they MUST have known the scaling of the old weapons would make them suddenly obsolete, and that is literally ALL guns in the game, so what is their long term thought process here? Is there any?

I would implore GBX, if anything at all, to at least take a look at the D3 patch notes as an example on how to openly communicate with your player base and thoroughly explain any changes and what your intended thought process behind said changes is.


to be fair, as someone who has started playing D3 again as well, that game has had its own share of ■■■■ shows xD in the past. It eventually kind of figured things out but it was also kind of a too little too late. So who knows maybe GBX will also “figure things out” someday, though that day doesn’t look like the foreseeable future


I’m with you. I haven’t played the game since I played about 30 minutes of Mayhem 2. Oh?! So many basic things that were just overlooked. It seems the only thing they’ve learned since BL2 is the art of excuses and stalling and at this point they’re just throwing things at a glitched wall and hope something ends up working. Smfh.


The two developers are just on completely different levels when it comes to technical capabilities. If you look outside of the BL franchise, I don’t know if you would really even classify GBX as a AAA dev. Blizzard’s technical skills, problem solving ability, attention to detail, quality control, and design choices are lightyears beyond anything GBX has ever shown capable of.

D3 wasn’t perfect out of the gate, but that was more so due to some bad design choices that didn’t work out and have since been remedied (Auction House and poor loot drops mainly). BL3’s problems are just on a whole different level. Having no idea how to work the numbers to balance your characters’ skills and items, extreme technical issues, a matchmaking system that barely functions, a currently broken loot drop system, etc. These issues highlight a total lack of quality control that is rarely present to this degree in other AAA games, at least in my experience. I mean to spend months of updates around balancing Iron Bear only to have Mayhem 2.0 come right along and invalidate all of the work…it is mind boggling to me.

Most of the updates Diablo 3 made during its life span I completely understood what their thought process was, what issues they were trying to resolve, what improvements this update would bring, etc. Loot 2.0, Kadala, and Kanai’s Cube are perfect examples of well though out ideas that added an additional degree of depth to the loot system and helped provide an RNG safety net. On the other hand, when GBX changes things I am often left completely bewildered and scratching my head as to how certain things were seen as good ideas or how extremely obvious issues were overlooked. Like the poster above me said, everything they do feels like them throwing darts at a wall and just seeing what happens.

Leading up to Mayhem 2.0, I was really on the praise train for GBX for the first time in a long time; but holy hell did this thing turn out to be a fiasco. And yes, I am frustrated, because I was really having a blast and loving all of the new balance updates leading up to Mayhem 2.0. Now, I have an $80 game sitting on the shelf.

Finally, I agree TC, they could really learn from some of the communication practices from other, more established devs. They have definitely done a lot better this time around with communication than with BL2, I’ll at least give them that; but there is still a lot to be desired.


Don’t some of BL3’s patch notes also give a bit of reasoning? Also, don’t their dev streams talk about this stuff? (I haven’t seen any, but it seems that way.)
Not saying I wouldn’t also like more insight to their thought processes. And test servers would definitely help, they would clearly help a lot.

I go with the theory that there are communication issues between different teams within GBX, caused by the work-from-home thing (but maybe there issues before that as well, who knows). So whatever one group of devs’ intention was, the other group doesn’t seem to know about it. Poor Iron Bear’s current state can be explained by this as well, for instance.

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Well i can’t talk about diablo since i didn’t play the latest entry but i wholeheartedly agree with you in terms of communication.

This game is an utter mess in its current state and a lot of the issues could have been prevented from happening.

I didnt know there is a Test server for Diablo i just knew it for League and i think if they would give players access to such servers would benefit BL3 in huge ways.

Actually i preached that before in patch notes and several topics.

Well I don’t believe that GBX has the capability to do so even if i think its just too late to do so. Maybe the next entry in the Borderverse will learn.


Diablo 3 has so many great lessons for Borderlands 3.

Mainly, for me right now is, I still want a machine on sanctuary that lets me level up gear. Even the mayhem scaled buffing should be possible. Odds are they will increase max level again (unless we’eve heard otherwise?). And I can’t stand knowing that I have over 600 level 50 items stored that are now mostly obsolete.

BL3 did learn some cool lessons from D3 already (instanced loot, for example). Learn more please.


I don’t even care about this level up station or weapon grinder sh*t anymore.

They need to fix this game maaan.
But I agree Borderlands 3 should have been way more expanded on.
They missed the mark i think in order to stay number one loot shooter.

Systems like swap weapon parts or even anoints would have been such a quality of live improvement.
Actually there is a huge list here on the board with QoL changes i can really recommend.

Maybe the next entry can keep up with our expectations at least gearbox has access to all this knowledge

So does Path of Exile. Look at the customization/organization options for the bank in PoE and then look at this inventory fiasco that exists in BL3. The other day I was trying to figure out which of my weapons had a particular anointment…the only way to do that is to literally mouse over EVERY SINGLE WEAPON in my bank to see the item card. No search feature. No sorting by anointments. Nothing.

Not only does PoE have a search function but you can organize items into custom tabs that you organize in whatever way you want…and that is a F2P game. The inventory/bank system in BL3 is a fiasco of wasted time and frustration and it doesn’t even perform well. When you have a game that is a “looter shooter” with hundreds of banked items to continuously sort through…common sense tells you that players need a way to organize, sort and compare said items in a logical manner but GB apparently doesn’t think so or didn’t bother thinking that far ahead.


I can understand in the beginning since they had such a large head start but to consider them the top looter shooter STILL? I think if anything it just shows what kind of state this genre is in it that’s the case. :man_facepalming:t4:

While they did improve some of the BL3 gui speed from launch, it’s still oddly slow. Working in the menu should a fast thing. The item previews don’t have to be works of art. Even if it just looked like a generic set of guntype icons with borders for rarity, I’d be fine with that. And you could have the gun name written on it or under it. Item score and manufacturer don’t matter as much to me.

Then, when the item preview icons are fast and slick, the game could let you store even more items more easily.

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Well at least that’s how they market this game so.

Very true. Lol. Like the fact they also advertise billions of guns but you really only use 4? The fact that in almost all promos they show fl4k commanding all pets at once? I think it’s safe to say we can add marketing to the list of disappointments. Such a shame too it’s a franchise that had so much promise.


Honestly, this post is tempting me to buy Diablo 3. I never played it. I never got into the previous games and the launch was so bad I never bothered. I been messing around with the Early Access game Last Epoch and it’s pretty good but waiting for it to mature a bit more before spending more time with it. I also love Path of Exile but just waiting for PoE 2 before spending more time with that. However, I have heard how Diablo 3 has improved a lot since launch so maybe with the current state of BL3…Diablo 3 might be a better alternative for my “looter” gaming needs.


I also just got into Last Epoch a month ago :rofl:. I needed a game that actually scratched my Beastmaster itch and god does LE do that!

D3 is super fun. I got for 360 so I don’t even have anything from patch 2.1 onwards so no Greater Rifts, and I’ve still over 1000 hours on my Witch Doctors. The combat is just stupidly fun even on my older version of it that I can just mindlessly do ■■■■ for hours on end with no goal in mind. I’d imagine that it only gets better with the new elements added.


The one thing i love about D3 Torment levels vs. BL3 Mayhem levels is that gear level remains the same and just the drop chance and quantity increases. You can play whichever Torment level you feel comfortable at and still get end game loot.

In BL3, unfortunately, unless you run M10, you’re always gonna get inferior loot no matter what. So in a way, unless you like to collect mediocre gear, you are somehow forced to be in M10.

IMHO, Mayhem 1.0 was way better than Mayhem 2.0


There are some business practices that gearbox does that i prefer over blizzard, notably you can earn all cosmetics in the game, season passes that get you alot of goodies, huge quality DLCs. These are all really good.

But my lord the buggy game and these mind bogging patches makes me feel like im playing a poorly supported early access indie game.


Bought D3 last night and started up a Barbarian. Having fun so far so hopefully that will keep me entertained while GB fixes this train wreck of patch. I just hope they fix it before the next content release or this game is going to be a complete disaster.


You should. It doesn’t feel outdated at ALL, and its so much fun. It feeds the same reward centers in your brain as BL3 does, with all the constant loot drops and such, but its so much more refined and stable. Its a great game. Even my wife got into it.

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Necoromancer and Demon Hunter are my favorites, but Barbarian was my very first character too. Monk is so awesome. I remember my end game build was using a set where you punch a bunch of enemies and after a few seconds they set off these chain explosions and all are wiped out. The only one I didn’t really like was Crusader, but everyone is different…

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