I hate to say this Because it will probably never happen but

I want krieg as a playable character again for 2 BIG reasons

1 we are missing a more hectic playstyle that existed in BL1 and BL2

2 i want him to RIP troy apart

Honestly I’m just missing the playstyle (I always played Brick/Krieg) and just finished playthrough 2 so it was on my mind ^^;
(Seriously though Hopefully they add a 4th tree to other characters that have WAY better action skills) Anyway sorry for the random rant post~ “LAUGHS LIKE A PSYCHO” MEAT!


Give us a Giant (for his size!) Badass Tink called geirK with a similar crazy, self-harming, explosive, high risk / high reward, borderline out of control, melee-centric play style and skills!

I really miss Krieg, too!

He was my favboi!




builds us a tandem meat bicycle that we will ride to rescue Krieg


I feel like there’s no place for krieg fans in this game (Amara doesn’t do ot for me)


I sadly agree!

Krieg was going to ship with Maya but GBX ran out of time to put him the game properly. Hopefully we’ll see the meat man again soon.

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He does have a fair amount of echos in the game. Some seem to indicate he’s been in a cave since Maya left Pandora trying to come to an agreement between his two selves. I think there is also one of him when Maya was leaving and also him giving psycho lessons to Tina.

DLC where Krieg is the only playable character and instead of guardian rank we have meat shanks.