I hate Voracidous more than Hammerlock hates Claptrap

UVHM, still progressing through the levels and DLC. It’s time to start collecting Seraph crystals!

"Oh? A stalker the size of a house? You want me to kill it? Cool. I’ve got a Quasar! No problem! "

Yeah. No.

Zero + Maya barely scratching this guy. I can go toe to toe with him (melee zero. But hit after hit after hit and I’m just tickling him… until he kicks me 30 feet out of stabbing range. Over and over.

And we need a break.

Later I come back, but not to play him. Let’s try Hyperius. I hear a lot of good things about his loot. Big tough guy with his tough buddies around him.

First I try bore. There’s a learning curve.

Respec back to melee and proceed to slap him around until zeros sword rusts. Suddenly, I have an outlet for all my aggression from getting stomped by Voracidous.

I really just want a Hawk Eye so I need 120 crystals for the vendor. So I beat this guy black and blue until he coughs them up.

I march my happy self back to the grotto to collect my prize.

Save, quit, check vendor, save quit, check vendor…

Oh? They decided to remove most of the seraph weapons and put them in the seraph guardians loot pools?

And you gave the Hawk Eye to whom??

You gotta be kidding me.


Here’s how to beat Vorac: Salvador + Pimp/RL + Money Shot

Nah, I’m joking. Try to stack CA stacks, he can be killed in two critical shots with max stacks.

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Hmmmm there are a few critters just outside his lair.

I need a crit machine. I’m willing to try.

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We beat Vorac with 2 Roughrider Salvador’s and Zero (Me)

Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain I DIED Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain SALVADOR HACKS! Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain… Money Shot Chain Money Shot Chain!

We still had the few wipes. I was always the sacrifice because I did not have proper melee gear, due to being a gun zero lol. Law and Order is not enough to keep alive off of, and I just couldn’t gun Zer0 against this cheat of a raid boss. I also hate stack mechanics with a passion, so no sniping for me.

So…That was the only way we killed it. We did our normal roles and still no luck, so we resorted to cheese. Such a dumb boss. We got our Hawk Eyes and Interfacers and said yup… that’s enough!

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I feel ur pain

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I’ve got one more cheap trick left to try. If that fails, I’ll have to wait until I’m 72 to get some people from my friends list to join in and help.

It’s just really frustrating that I have to wait until (nearly) the end of the game to get a sniper rifle that I want to play with through the actual game. Blah.

Mark my words, I will have Voracidous’s head on a stick.

A very large stick.

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Just checking what level my Hawk Eye is, its been a while…

… OP8?! WTF we killed him on OP8?! I couldn’t remember xD

What platform are you on? We could get you a 72 one.

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I can’t imagine that big bird on OP8. He’s a bullet sponge when he spawns at 68.

I’m on PS3, level 66.

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Only PC for me! Seems like most people are on consoles here :frowning:

Also, the Borderlands is the best place for dates!

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Oh, I’d play on PC but PS3 has split-screen.

So I just use my adapter for KB/M on there. Woowoo. Best of both worlds.


I’ll just copy and paste the words of advice from an old thread from the old forum by Striker.

Voracidous Guide - courtesy of the resident Vorac tamer and expert, Striker
shoot Voracidous to activate him
Throw decoy at the wall gap (vorac’s too jumpy and hyper. He can jump from any angle to another. So by placing your hologram near a wall, his trawling/attack range will be halved which gives you easier backstabs)
Throw Death Blossom for +80% damage
Wait for him until he attacks your hologram, then strip your shield or let the acid pools deplete it by standing near those.
Backstab for max damage
After Execute, immediately corner him in the wall.
Rubi-tank him until your @ 90% cooldown on Deception
Let him go before you have your deception back
He will either stop lunging and jump away (deception too late) or he won’t attack the decoy from the wall (deception too early)
Rinse and repeat until shield swap (usually you can have 3 executes before shield swap happens)
Immediately go to one pole (there are 4 poles inside the cage, minions will spawn on each pole)
Take at least two minions or stop until minions go after you instead of the chief. Kite once that happens (be careful stripping your shield as you don’t want to take out Chief Ngwatu, otherwise, you’ll face an enraged Vorac too early)
Once chief gets his shield back, use same tactics from the beginning of the fight
Rinse and repeat until vorac gets near or in KB range
acid pools he throws proc Counterstrike A LOT
at some point (when Vorac is near KB range), intentionally put chief to KB range so when he gets his shield back, you can take both him and his shield out easily.
Vorac has a Crawl-Stop-Aim-Shoot Acid pool-Lunge Pattern, almost always, and if you throw your decoy too early/late, chances are you won’t get a good backstab angle

Then here are other tips by Striker that he told me after failure upon failure to tame this beast with melee Zer0:

"Try this (using a non-alkaline hide for more melee hits with roid damage) you can also try the an alkaline shield, it;s just that a non-alkaline is what I prefer. Up for you to decide.

  • 1st shield swap, take out 1-2 minions then focus on health gating until the shield transfer
  • when vorac gives the shield back to the chief, try throwing 2 stormfronts before execute. This will help you health gate more (you need it since there will be a lot of midgets around)

**if you see chief in KB range with shield, take him out immediately

Good luck!"


adds stormfront to my list of stuff to farm

Holy hell, man. Thanks. I need to start practicing and routing out my plays. Very helpful.

So far, I see a few things I need to shop for. I think I’ll do that and take another crack at this guy on the weekend. Awesome responses, folks.

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That must have been a gift from GBX. Just gotta get him to stay there…

This video gives me hope… and something else :smile:

A crit-machine is definitely on my list.

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Machine gun fire.

Susan: I’ll say, Aaron, Pandora is so romantic.

She shotguns a spiderant trying to eat her face.

Aaron: I know it is, honey. I knew you would love it here.

He electrocutes a psycho, making his head explode. Some brains land on Susan.

Susan: You know, this really puts me in the mood…

Aaron: Victoriously pumps fist before killing a spiderant.


Vora is the hardest raid boss in the game. The fact that you are attempting him is a feat unto itself.

I’ve solo’d him with all of the original Vault Hunters, but it was not a cakewalk, and I still don’t have a totally positive matchup. >.<

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I’ll have to update this when I can check my friends list for the names of those who helped, but we did it.

And it was a weird one.

Ok, so remember, I’m lvl 66. Last night, I’m fiddling around trying to find places to grenade jump around his lair. 2 gunzerkers join my game. They’re level 72.

Well, I’m not going to turn away free help, even if it renders me pretty much useless. (66 vs 72 Vora, Sweeeet!!!)

So we try and try and try. Vora just laughs, is all giddy and just having a good old time. About 10 tries in and I figured something out. I had found my usefulness!!! Melee Zero, I can stand toe to toe with him for a few minutes. While I do that, he’s focused on me. He’s stationary. And he’s eating a lot of gunzerking Harold Bee shots.

He drops me. But he guards my body so no one can revive me.

The first few times, I was pretty ticked about this… until I realize that my Hide shield was still down and I’m still hitting him hard enough to keep knocking dents in his health.

And he’s stationary. And he’s eating a lot of gunzerking Harold Bee shots.

Of course, I eventually die… but in that time, they’ve poured enough bullets into him that he’s a little over a quarter health.

Another guy drops. 1 man left in there.

And he does it! He kills the horrid beast!!!

I danced on his grave, I partied and I rejoiced.

Now, I know that it wasn’t me doing all the damage and I wasn’t even in there for the killing blow BUT THIS IS TEAMWORK!!! AND THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE.

drops the mic

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Yay for sacrificial Zer0s. That’s kinda how we did it too haha. I’d surly die, but one or both zerkers would be alive long enough to kill it.

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Sacrificial Kriegs also work well due to the massive buffs to melee damage. We may not have Killing Bl0w, but with Redeem the Soul and a Hide we can go to work, which is good as I have not seen too many gun based Krieg co-op kills.

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I still get shocked at the damage Killing Bl0w does. Yesterday we were farming Hyperius. Same situation: Two 72 Sals and my 66 zero. That made Hyper 72. He eventually dropped me.

However, he was very close to 1/3 of his health… and then he turned his back to me. It was all over for him.

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Yeah, Killing Bl0w is easily the best skill for a melee Zer0 aside of Execute. I’d even rate it over Kunai due to the insane damage potential.

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