I hate you now Gearbox. $60 Bait-n-Switch

As if no vertical splitscreen and constant echo-lag wasn’t bad enough, I unsealed my second copy in the hope that all 4 of my family could play on a lan-game. Imagine my great surprise when YOU MADE IT SO THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN DO LAN PLAY without EVERYONE having a playstation plus account. That’s right: NO LAN play like we could in ANY other Borderlands game.

$60 bait-n-switch, and no further purchases from this player. So ticked now, you FRAUDSTERS.

I did LAN with my account with PS+ and my wife’s account with no PS+. No issue here.

In BL2 Nobody needed a PS+ account. Was planning on playing with my whole family, hence why I bought 2 copies for 2 ps4’s. Why have a “LAN play” option if an PS+ account is required? Kinda makes even the option of LAN play stupid.

But it’s not required.

Absolutely is Required for LAN play. See the following threads that I wish were posted before I pre-ordered. A mistake I won’t repeat.

I don’t know what to tell you. LAN still works for me with out PS+.

Then Tell me how. Step by step. I’ve 4 accounts to play with and EVERY option requires a PS+ account to access online play.

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